Time to confess …

Posted on June 14, 2012


Some Thursday funnies that on reading will see long distance runners of every shape, size, distance or form, nod and giggle in agreement … from terrible traits, hilarious habits to just the downright weird and wonderful, there are some things in our lives that only other runners will ever understand!

You know you’re a runner when…

  • your first thought when you look at the weather forecast is “When can I fit in my runs?”
  • you have more running clothes than regular clothes
  • if you find yourself with 10 toenails, you assume you’ve not been training hard enough
  • you smirk when non-runners ask you, “So how long is this marathon?”
  • you have drawer full of medals, race t-shirts and other momentos that you’re not quite sure what to do with
  • you no longer laugh at people who wear bum bags because your running belt looks pretty similar (although much cooler)
  • however strapped for cash, you always find funds for race entries and race travel
  • your Garmin travels more miles than your car
  • you plan all your holidays around races on your bucket list
  • you’re always hungry
  • you’re an expert at eating and drinking whilst on the move without spillage or choking
  • you know where you illotibial band is located
  • you know how happy port-a-loos can make you feel
  • you only wear your running shoes for a month before replacing them
  • you spend more time researching running routes than the best nightspots when travelling to a new city
  • you leave late night parties early so you can get up early for a run
  • you know how to spell and pronounce plantar fasciitis
  • you have running kit and an extra pair of running shoes in your car, “just in case.”
  • the first thing people ask you when they haven’t seen you in a while is, “What race are you training for now?”
  • your Facebook updates, more often than not, involve running
  • your running partners know more about your bodily functions than your significant other

… which is perhaps a good thing …?!

Long weekend here in the desert which means more time for more runs … see you on the sand … and if elsewhere, enjoy your trails …

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