My new wonder drug

Posted on July 12, 2012


Back in March in the weeks prior to running the 83km-ish Ecotrail in Paris, I was chatting with my friend Saz, my partner in crime on the trip and she told me about her new wonder drug. ‘Really’, I said? ‘A wonder drug?’  My thoughts were fast turning to the sort of supplement enjoyed aged twenty-something at the type of establishment that stocked only water behind the bar yet was packed full every night with crazy kids dancing the night away.

But no … she was referring to a magical little pill called Protex H, a supply of which I fast ordered for myself and in doing so discovered that the very man who invented it, a Mr Ron Roberts, is not only from my little village in Scotland but has been a family friend forever.  I reached out to my family, amazed that no-one had shared the discovery with me and turns out my brother has long been a convert and never flies long-haul without it.

So. Protex H. What is it?

In a nutshell, Protex H is derived from the fruit of the prickly pear and extensive studies have shown that extracts of prickly pear help the body to reduce or even eliminate the effects of physical stress. Their use was first discovered in Malta to help commercial scuba divers to prolong their working day. It seems that the prickly pear extract helps to speed up the body’s ability to synthesise protein substances knows as heat shock protein’s (HSP’s). HSP’s are basically our body’s natural lubricants for building and repairing tissues. All types of stress cause damage to our tissues and HSP’s are required to help restore normality.

Use of Protex H isn’t confined to extreme sports people … it can be of value to anyone but is particularly beneficial:

  • before exposure to extreme heat or cold (the former applies just stepping outside in Dubai at the moment!)
  • before physical stress (any physical stress, not just extreme endurance runs)
  • before scuba diving
  • before international travel (i.e. to prevent jet lag)

It contains no caffeine (thankfully as I get quite enough with my daily Costa & Caribou injections) and is approved by the French Ministry of Sport for competitors in the Tour de France. In fact, loads of amateur and professional athletes participating in all manner of sports and from all corners are Protex H converts. It’s not even a drug per se … simply concentrated fruit juice extract.

But back to me me me …

It certainly worked a treat in Paris … despite a very long run with some tricky conditions and a number of extensive retail therapy and vino sessions before and after. And so I shall be taking it later today.  I fly to Geneva tonight and on arrival have a three-hour car drive to tackle on roads that I don’t know accompanied by a mammoth catch up with Ronnie.  I shall take it again on Saturday night pre running the Ice Trail.

The only downside I can think of is being advised not to eat two hours before or one hour after taking it.  This, for a greedy chick like me, equates to three hours of torture.  My thoughts now return to Saz and I in Paris having to resist all temptation when passing our neighbourhood boulangerie before and after taking it.  But really … a small price to pay when it eradicates jet lag and helps us perform like energiser bunnies … nevermind the relief on our waistlines. A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the lips after all.

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