With running comes reason

Posted on July 20, 2012


Today’s post is dedicated to GC.  You know who you are. A brief encounter at last weeks Ice Trail and a few email exchanges since and we’ve fast shared a little of the history and the heartache that have made us the individuals that we are today.

And so this morning, as I had a glorious run through quaint French villages and past stately homes, perfectly pruned vines and fields of sunflowers, I thought about how running really is the best therapy (yes, even better than therapy of the retail and mojito variety!)

Whether faced with stress or strife, whether related to work, rest or play, I struggle to think of any better release … any better way to dig deep and seek solutions, to learn about yourself and others, to put things into perspective and to realise that no problem or situation isn’t fixable … that doing our incredible lives justice is simply a matter of sailing through the storms as best we can, respecting yourself and those around you as you do so …

From a scientific point of view, no shortage of studies exist that prove that the endorphines released when running alter our brain chemistry and help us stay motivated. These little nodules that sit in our brains send chemicals to our bodies that block any pain we are feeling and bring euphoria to our worlds. There is simply no better high than a runners high!

And the best part?  It doesn’t matter if you run fast or slow, if you’re heavy or light, if you’re in the sand or by the sea, on trails or gravel, going long or short, up high or down low … what matters is that you get out there and free yourself from the chains of heartache or frustration, anger or resentment.  What matters is that you make YOU feel good and that surely is the ultimate purpose.

Running should restore your faith in yourself and your ability to handle whatever life throws at you and it should act as the perfect reminder that you’re strong enough to run … and therefore strong enough to ride the storms when our magnificent lives throw us a curveball.

So GC … stay strong and continue to shine.  Remember that everything happens for a reason even if that reason takes a long time to present itself.

The darkest hour is always the one before dawn and with every dawn comes a new adventure laced with hope, fun and opportunities. 

I wish you all my best on the 31st August GC and shall be rooting for you every kilometre of the way …

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