I heart Organic Glow

Posted on July 26, 2012


Organic Glow Beauty Lounge is a stones throw from Safa Park but when you enter the villa gate and breathe in the lush aromas that await you, the fast paced traffic of Al Wasl Road slips as far from your mind as your to do list of chores, errands and looming deadlines …

I spent this afternoon there indulging in a Strawberry Smoothie … not of the juice variety but as a tantalising treat for my tired feet post my recent exploits in the French Alps with Val D’Iseres Ice Trail. The entire experience, I tell you, was utterly divine.

Leena, the queen behind the scene is a treasure.  We were first in touch regarding Ripe, the UAE’s organic, seasonal and organic produce company we all know and love. (Biased? Who moi?!?) and our shared passions for all things organic. No stranger to the beauty world, Leena previously had Zen Beauty Lounge in Disco Gardens.

The place is totally green and utterly serene. Think chilled out tunes, lots of wood and an atmosphere totally conducive to a pampering, be that weekly maintenance or some well deserved R&R.

But back to me and my feet …

My lovely therapist, Nga, first soaked my feet in soy milk and lavender oil. Then she got to work dealing with the effects of being an ultra runner … scrub a dub dub, scrub a dub dub. I have never made secret of the fact that my feet are somewhat visually challenged and if I ever have 10 toenails intact, I know that I’ve clearly not been training enough. A mask with ruby red fresh strawberries and brown sugar followed then a half leg massage and a polish. 90 mins of pure bliss.

Us Dubai’ites are no stranger to our regular fixtures at the beauty salon. What makes Organic Glow stand apart is that it is the UAE’s only genuine organic offering. From the green interiors and energy-saving lighting to the organic product ranges and commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle, they really do love mother earth … and this we love!

With treatments that include standard nail care, pampering foot rituals, threading, sugaring, hair and facials, massage and scrubs, you don’t really need look further to glow from head to toe …. the fact that you’re doing your bit for the environment is just the icing on the cake.

Need to know:

The Organic Glow Beauty Lounge
Tel: 04 380 4666
Visit www.organicglowuae.com
Join Organic Glow UAE on Facebook

Click here to read all about how green Organic Glow really are … and here to read a little more about them … and here to see their super affordable price list.

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