Posted on July 31, 2012


Why do we run? 

Other than the many more physical reasons like keeping fit, getting al fresco, enjoying me time and maintaining balance is the drive towards self-improvement or kaizen … the quest to continually improve ourselves mentally, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

But during my run this morning, I thought about how all too often our too type A personalities and the varying degrees of obsession, attention to detail and neuroticism that these entail, forget about the self-improvement element and in its place focus on complete perfection.

We make it a cut and dried win : lose or pass : fail situation.

We finish races and ponder over what we might have done better.  We question whether our kit choices, GI issues, pre-race training, lack of taper and / or previous weekends blow out adversely affected our performance. We then immediately start working towards the next goal resulting in a continuous cycle without pause to reflect.

What we should be thinking though is how remarkable we are!

How we overcame low points and dealt with moments of difficulty with flexibility and a positive attitude. How we set ourselves a goal and gave it our all to achieve it. What we, in the space of a day, have learnt about ourselves and how we have grown as individuals.

We are a part of a tiny tribe who dedicate hours and hours to train. We commit ourselves with focus and dedication.  We sacrifice and compromise with effortless grace.  We willingly sign up to races that will push us to new limits.  We travel to far-flung corners just to test our boundaries.  I repeat, we are a TINY TRIBE and every single one of us is EXCEPTIONAL for doing so. Truly exceptional.

So take a moment today to tell yourself that all you do is great.  That we are gifted and terribly fortunate to be in a position where we have recognised our skills, worked on them with vigour and passion and are now at liberty to call them our past times.  

And remind yourself how exceptional YOU are.  Every time you train, every time you gather on a start line and every time you cross a finish line, you SHINE.  I remind myself of this every day thanks to the imprint on my arm.  

Should you not want such a permanent reminder however, a post it on your bathroom mirror will do!


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