Posted on August 3, 2012


It really does.  My favourite yoga teachers … Bram and Kasi … have said great things about it and yesterday morning, at long last, I made it to a one-on-one class with yet another cool chick called Helen.

Where do I start?

Swing Yoga is basically a yoga-esque cross between TRX and aerial silks. The harness is much like a hammock with two arm / leg handles to the side allowing you to move and stretch in every conceivable position … vertical, horizontal and total inversion. It demands a great sense of balance and heightened awareness, which takes your practice to an entirely new level and uses more muscle fibres than any land- or water-based exercise.

After setting up a couple of swings (they’re suspended from the studio ceiling), we did a little warm up then got straight into it with similar poses as we would do in a regular yoga class but, thanks to the swing, the intensity is deepened and you’re easily able to correct imbalances in the body.

The key benefits are:

  • Alleviation of muscle tension and pain
  • Increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • Improved energy levels thanks to the fresh circulation of blood
  • Relief of compressed joints
  • Help with muscle imbalances

I asked Helen … prior to giving it a shot, whether it was all just a bit of a gimmick, a bit of fun? Her reply mirrored my exact thoughts at the end of the class … that it’s certainly not a gimmick. That actually, swing yoga enables you to experience what the pose should be like. It enables you to perfect your asanas, gravity free.

In fact, I would go so far as to say, anyone who practices any sort of yoga, would benefit from swing yoga in order to improve their technique. You can work on your alignment without falling over as you have that extra bit of support and you can progress to more challenging poses with ease and safety.

The final pose we did was an inversion … the rush was incredible … much more intense when you’re totally suspended from the ceiling. I love inversions, not only because according to Bram, they’re the secret to eternal youth (as a result, I continue to do my daily head stand) but because they just feel good, I guess thanks to all that fresh blood shooting straight to your head. It does wonders for your state of mind!

Lying in the swing at the end of the class was so relaxing, I could have fallen fast asleep … in fact, had it been suspended between two palm trees on a white sandy beach with a steady flow of mojitos to hand, I might have forgotten I was at Fitness First in Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza altogether!

Swing yoga was just what I needed after my somewhat slow start to the day … I left feeling invigorated and revitalised, recharged and renewed … and arguably, looking years younger than my years …

Need to know:

Price AED 40 for one class, AED 175 for 5 classes, AED 300 for 10 classes | Available at Fitness First in Dubai Motor City and Jumeirah Beach Park Plaza, Dubai | 04 369 2929 | Open to non members | Visit: www.fitnessfirstme.com.

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