Shit happens

Posted on August 8, 2012


I’m often ‘accused’ of being a little too positive at times … if I were a religion, I’d perhaps be of the happy-clappy variety … so it amused me when I received a mailer yesterday from a motivational speaker I follow entitled ‘A steaming hot turd.’

The article was all about how we can’t be happy all the time … a reminder that we’re all sometimes handed a shitty hand of cards and we just need to deal with it the best we can.

The truth is that sometimes life is plain rubbish and sometimes it’s amazing and glorious … and this applies to all of us. Sometimes, it can alternate between crap and great all on the same day or sometimes we go through a run of plain sailing followed by some rough seas.

But … somewhere along the way (and probably no thanks to those like me), lots of people have got caught up in the self-help fairy tale … a tale that says we must be amazingly awesome, uber positive and super philosophical, day in, day out.

Realistic? Hell no.

We all have bad days.  Bad months even.  And whilst I’m a firm believer that much comes down to your attitude … having a positive mindset … sometimes we need to allow ourselves to feel what we feel and be human.

Our greatest challenge is not to HAVE the perfect life or to BE perfect but to remain solution-focused and to keep moving in a positive direction. We also need to be adaptable and flexible when it comes to change in our day-to-day life so that we’re well placed, mentally and emotionally, to deal with the inevitable ups and downs.

Likewise in a race.  Sometimes, despite the best training, nutrition and preparation, when the big day comes, all goes wrong.  Same with training sessions.  There are days I go out and for no rhyme or reason, my legs just don’t work, my breathing isn’t regulated and my heart isn’t in it. These are the days when we trudge through peanut butter instead of glide through honey. And these are the days that I return home after little more than a block.

I guess the point of this post is that despite all the motivational posters we see on Facebook every day, despite the great words of wisdom we receive about being laced with happy hormones 24/7 and despite the advice we often dish out to others, life isn’t always about breath-taking sunsets. Sometimes the skies are grey and the clouds full of rain.

And that’s okay.


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