Rachel rocks

Posted on August 11, 2012


Yesterday I had a Skype date with my fab friend Rachel Jacqueline … you know, HK Adventure Baby. Rachel has had a life-changing year to date, having replaced a very conventional legal career with a very unconventional ‘fit-chick-tori’-esque lifestyle involving writing, running, community, adventure and play.

I asked her …

Did you make the right decision? No regrets? Are you loving work? Loving life? Loving your days? Surviving & thriving?’

Her reply …

‘My worst days now are still better than my very best before.’

And that says it all … Rachel followed her heart and listened to her instinct.  She let her intuition rise to the surface and went for it with a passion for perfection and a determination to succeed. She’s already fast becoming an accomplished writer and producing feature after feature of fantastic material …

We talked about both our situations … our blogs … our plans … our values … and how our ultimate aim is to see people happy and healthy … to encourage people to get fit, to motivate and to inspire, to give confidence and courage …

There’s no way to do that without practicing what we preach so lucky then that Rachel showed enormous courage by leaving a very successful legal career to follow her heart in the first place. She did same, albeit for different reasons, when she left Sydney for Hong Kong, which is funny considering I was raised in Hong Kong but might end up in Sydney.

Geography aside though, I feel enormously privileged to be able to call her a fabulous friend, for lots of reasons, but especially because she knows how to follow her dreams and leave footprints on the hearts of all those lucky enough to cross her path.

This post in two simple words?

Rachel rocks.


PS.  Check out HK Adventure Baby’s site by clicking here.  It’s great … regardless of whether you call HK home.

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