Making magic

Posted on September 1, 2012


So last night, my friend Katie and I decided to have a short run, accompanied by a mammoth gossip session followed by some tabata training.  All started without hitch or glitch … neither cancelled or postponed … we met at Montgomerie Golf Club and did a quick-ish loop through Emirates Hills then hit the tabata … well sort of … we laughed, we chatted, I got Katie into a new pair of adidas cushion responseabout time she upgraded from the swoosh shoe variety (!) … we caught up on our texts and then decided we needed a loo stop … eventually, the TRX was hanging from a tree, a mat alongside and the timer set. Our session was short and sweet. In fact, to be honest, all hard work was for the most part pushed aside as we had a whole entire 24 hours to catch up on as well as sharing thoughts and advice on the stuff that matter, like the complexities of our charities … and our love lives (!) … BUT my point today is this:

It really is so easy to get motivated and get fit, to train and to tone, to stretch and to strengthen without fancy equipment or a decked out gym. I personally love my trips to Fitness First but sometimes, it’s just great to ad lib it and mix it up … to stay outdoors and smell the grass.  As night was falling last night and the sky scrapers were lit like Christmas trees, as the golf course flood lights came alive and budding golfers hit away at the driving range, we sweated it out with an eight minute tabata set and felt all the better for it. We have imposed some rules for next time … no chatting until post session and a little more structure.  I said I would write our list of exercises on little bits of paper and we’ll pull them out of a cookie jar for an added element of excitement and surprise … easily entertained I know. 

Finally, Katie, during our run, had a sudden déjà vous.  She said she remembered another shared run during a time when life had dealt me a tough hand of cards.  My marriage was failing and I felt lost.  She reminded me how upset I was and our discussions that evening.  She also reminded me that by the end of that run, I had made some big decisions as to my direction. And told her I was going to start my journalism diploma.

That was 2 1/2 years ago! Aiden and I are now divorced although we still love each other to bits … strictly in a starter marriage sort of way (!) … and I completed my diploma with distinction and have since recommended the course to countless others.

Just another illustration of life at work … or should I say running at work. Running brings such immense clarity to our lives and direction to the decisions we want and need to make … as do certain people so bring them together and you can’t fail to make magic.

Thank you KPH x

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