A fetish for facebook

Posted on September 3, 2012


I’ve been listening to some social media podcasts recently in order to add value to the marketing and pr support I give my own clients. I end up racing home and jotting down thoughts and ideas, tips and tricks before they leave my memory in place of a myriad of other to do’s for the day.

Social Media isn’t just one tool to add to the marketing tool kit.  It’s an integral part of it. It’s a stand alone, essential feature that, if ignored, has a substantial and rather detrimental effect on the voice and reach of a brand. Fail to have an online presence and you can pretty much wave goodbye to your future.

It’s got me thinking about the impact that our digital age has had on say running, or health and fitness in general. 

The answer? HUGE. 

  • It encourages and enables healthy competition amongst pockets in all four corners
  • It enables people to declare their goals to the world and we all know how much easier it is to stay accountable if we’ve shared our objectives with others
  • It has provided no end of tools to track and make public our progress and facilitates written and verbal encouragement and support from our friends and family
  • It brings motivation and inspiration … both ways.  I love motivating and inspiring others and likewise, when lying horizontally contemplating a training session, it’s often something as simple as a great quote on facebook that gets me up and running. Literally!
  • It enables us to spread awareness, to educate and to share our knowledge. How on earth did we even find out about the thousands of races to choose from each year before the dawn of online race listings? My ‘potential’ event list has pretty much turned into an annual itinerary of global adventures with mini-vacays in between to catch up on work and washing
  • It brings us closer to our idols, enabling us to connect with the elites in our sport, train how they train, eat what they eat and sleep when they sleep

It seems ironic then that we often cite running or our preferred sport as a chance to escape our technology-driven days, a chance to release the pressures of the overflowing inbox, an opportunity to relieve the physical and mental strain of the computer screen … yet without these online capabilities, the ability to connect with others, the opportunity to share everything from injury advice, training plans, race details, nutritional tips and so much more, our progress and development would be severely hindered.

So my biggest take-away from these podcasts?

To be thankful for technology’s ability to create the global community that we have today … you may train solo in the back of beyond but a global health, fitness, sports and wellness community remains at your fingertips every second of every day, like a faithful friend, a canine companion or a lifelong lover … and we all need at least one of these …

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