Inspiration at work

Posted on September 5, 2012


Back in late 2009, I remember sitting in Guillaume Mariole’s bachelor pad on the Palm plotting and planning the launch of his new fitness and wellness company, Ignite.  We’d spend hours buzzing with ideas, brimming with thoughts and discussing everything from logos to taglines, websites to merchandise. And then in early 2010, Ignite fitness & wellness was born!  I still remember the sheer delight I felt that the vision had finally become a reality.

Since then I’ve remained involved with Ignite in some capacity … some months more, some months less … and Guillaume and I have, since day one, had a fierce bond thanks to our shared passions for fitness and wellness. I say fierce because we have at times fought like brother and sister and my volatile ways have on more than one occasion had to be reigned in!

This morning, as I was helping him with some comms, I suddenly felt this immense rush of pride for the incredible journey he has, to date, had with Ignite. Today, he has a fab team on board and classes and programmes all over Dubai.  His bootcamp is without question Dubai’s best (albeit far too hardcore for me!) and he does some pretty cool programmes for corporates. It seems organisations are finally waking up to the fact that if they invest in corporate wellness now, they will save money on healthcare, absenteeism and productivity costs down the line.

Whenever I meet any Ignite clients, I have yet to hear a bad word. As for the results?  Ignite has seen hundreds and hundreds of dedicated individuals lose weight, get fit, run marathons and scale peaks. And that has all been made possible thanks to the dedication of Guillaume. And his team. And Ignite as a company. Their support, their encouragement, their motivation and their expertise …

So today Guillaume at Ignite … I hope you forever continue to be an amazing inspiration in helping others to REALISE THEIR FULL POTENTIAL and in helping me to remember that with hard work, dedication, commitment and passion, anything and everything is possible.


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