Be / do / see / try / learn

Posted on September 7, 2012


I’ve never been short of people laughing at my obsession with spreadsheets. I am a very type-A daughter of a very type-A actuary after all! I have an entire folder called Spreadsheet Queen with excel sheets for pretty much every area of my life.

On another note, I constantly hear comments from people asking how I manage to fit so much in … work on so many projects at the same time, plan travel and adventures, train, play and more … admittedly it can be a struggle at times but for the most part I manage.

As for the correlation between both points above?  The binding factor?

My lists! The former enable the latter 100%.

So today, a list to explain my love for the list!

  • I love how they help me to clarify and work towards my big goals and yet, at the same time, how they’re not too full of themselves to remind me of the little things I need to do too …
  • I love how they are happy to go everywhere with me and never complain about how much I put on them …
  • I love how they sit quietly and patiently until I’m ready for them
  • I love how they clear my head and organise my thoughts
  • I love how they help make my dreams come true
  • I love how they can retrieve so much information at my every whim
  • I love how they keep me calm during times of stress and keep me feeling ordered during times of disorder
  • I love how they attempt to keep me focused when I’m packing for a trip – albeit often in vain
  • I love how they know my hopes, desires, dreams, likes, dislikes and accomplishments and yet never judge me
  • Similarly, I love how they know all my funny little affirmations re life, love and everything in between yet never laugh at me
  • I love how they’re always available to me, morning, noon, night, every day and week, month, season, year and beyond
  • I love their versatility; they can be personal and professional, static or dynamic
  • I love how they can mingle my business and personal lives and yet, at the same time, keep them separate
  • I love how they help me create systems that lead to my success
  • I love how the only time they fail me is when I forget to use them

You see lists aren’t only for the super organised and the uber anal! They are for everyone, everyone who wants to fill their life to the brim with all the be / do / see / try / learn that they can. On which note, with a few days prior to my next adventures in Sabah, Singapore and Sydney, I’m off to consult a spreadsheet to work out just what needs done, bought, prepared and planned, commenced and completed prior to stepping on that plane.

I am nothing without my lists!

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