Another cracker from les Francais

Posted on September 8, 2012


I remember when travelling around New Zealand a few years back … in what we aptly named the Brown Beast, a huge poo-coloured car Aiden had bought in one of another of his (regular) scams … we used to laugh at all the Fish & Chip shops we passed because every one seemed to have a sign saying they were the BEST fish & chip shop in NZ.  And that they’d all won New Zealand’s BEST fish & chips award during the previous year.  The title kind of lost its effect when you saw it on every shop front you passed. In fact, the BEST fish & chips we had were from the chippies who didn’t feel the need to make a song and dance about them.

Fast-forward to my move to the UAE and you soon realise that Dubai strives to have the worlds tallest, longest, biggest, strongest, shortest, most bling, most powerful, most blah blah blah of everything.  This is just part and parcel I guess of living in a gold-encrusted playgound carved from the desert sands. It’s a strange yet comical, surreal yet magical escape from ‘real life’.

Recently, however it seems far too many Dubai’ites are taking all the hype to their head and claiming too to be the BEST at everything … the fittest guy, the strongest gal, the master of this, the guru of that … I needn’t continue.

This hasn’t happened overnight by any means, but as each week passes this phenomenon seems to worsen. Just scroll down your wall on Facebook and you wonder how on earth the aforementioned even have time to update their status so much when surely they have their position as the world’s BEST to uphold?!

Is it all down to a serious lack of self-worth I wonder?  Or because people worry they might not get the recognition they feel they deserve?

What I say is this.  Why not try instead to be the best person that YOU can be. Strive every day to reach your own potential.  Stop comparing yourself with others and instead start to compare yourself with yesterday, last month and last year. Realise that your self-worth is not determined by some silly claim on your Facebook wall or within the pages of this months glossies. 

A few weeks back I wrote a post about the wonderful French word, flaneur.  And it seems, les Francais have hit the mark once again with the saying:

“Qui trop embrasse, mal etreint”.

It means, “he who embraces too much, has a weak grasp.”

Rant over.  Must get back to being the BEST blogger in the UAE before I contemplate a short run to maintain my position as the UAE’s BEST runner. Then it will be straight to the kitchen to cook up some dinner. I am the BEST cook in the universe don’t you know?!?

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