Make like a duck

Posted on October 8, 2012


Every rendez-vous with my fabulous friend Katie could equally be described as therapy with a bit of running and as running with a bit of therapy. Either way, whatever’s going on in my life, she restores my faith in humanity, sheds new light on any darkness, helps me look at things from new angles and injects me with the confidence and strength to tackle whatever is thrown at me. I hope I do the same for her.

Our catch up over the weekend past was no different and I seemed to charge home afterwards feeling renewed and invigorated. By lunchtime, I’d made some great progress and signed up for an NLP diploma, which I’ve wanted to do for a while.

Two points kept on recurring during our conversations which I want to share today.

Make like a duck

In life we often have a sh** load going on … problems to solve, decisions to take, choices to make and old habits to break. In one sense it is a learned and brilliant practice to have the ability to deal with it all with a sense of effortless grace and outward calm … just like a duck who glides along the water’s surface looking relaxed and totally in control but underneath the water, they’re paddling like hell just to keep their head above the water. What we must remember though is that there is no shame or weakness in sharing with others how hard we’re paddling under the water. We all need a couple of people in our lives who we can have the occasional meltdown with and let the cracks appear. Only then can we really take informed steps to conceal and heal them. I am grateful to those who fulfill that role in my life. You know who you are. x

Stepping Stones

We also talked much about stepping stones. Sometimes our choices are meant to be nothing more than short terms solutions … stepping stones to greater things, an opportunity to get us on the correct path. They may point us in the right direction and give us insight and clarity but they’re not by any means our true destination. We all have so much choice these days … the world really is our oyster … so making the right choices can seem overwhelming but if you constantly think of these choices as little stepping stones, they somehow seem less mind-blowing. It always pays to break every predicament or situation down into small chunks in exactly the same way as we break down our hairy audacious goals into small and manageable mini goals and before we know it, we’ve hit the bull’s eye.

I suspect it is no co-incidence that Katie and I have always decided to make like live fish and swim upstream. (Click here for more about that!) and so long as we have our running slash therapy slash coaching sessions, I think we might just be A-ok! x

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