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Posted on October 10, 2012


The last time I was at The Third Eye, I spent a very eye-opening (no pun intended) afternoon learning more about what they offer. Turns out this mind, body and energy centre, tucked in the corner of the 11th floor of a downtown Dubai skyscraper, is a treasured spot focusing on ‘going inward to reflect outward’ through meditation, yoga, educational workshops and healing therapies.

I returned last weekend for a fab ‘Detox Yourself’ workshop held by a Naturopath and Medial Herbalist called Sarah Rahman. Sarah’s new in town but I suspect she’ll fast make a name for herself because she’s a bit of a guru when it comes to all things lifestyle, nutrition and detox-related and naturopaths are a pretty great asset to our lives when you realise just how important a role they can play in our health and wellbeing. The fact that she’s extremely likeable with a lovely demeanour is just the icing on the cake.

Her company is called The Body Whispers. This I love. It’s all about listening to your body … listening to the little whispers before they turn into talk, tantrums, shouts and screams. Prevention rather than cure and all that!

We spent a brilliant three hours or so discussing detoxing in great length and learning all the what’s, whys and how’s worth knowing. Interesting stuff, some of which I’ve noted below:

  • Our health is hugely affected by how we eliminate toxic waste. Our key elimination organs are our bowels, lungs, hair, skin and kidneys
  • Toxins come from food & water, air & the environment and our internal metabolic processes.  We did an exercise to write down different toxins that fall into each category.  The master list Sarah showed us afterwards was overwhelming … and terrifying. A quick scan told me I’m pretty guilty on lots of counts!
  • The causes of internal toxic load include the likes of a sluggish colon, reduced kidney function, stress and toxic emotions such as anger and grief
  • The health consequences of toxic load include the likes of allergies, infertility, low energy, premature aging, asthma, arthritis, thyroid issues and more. Basically, our bodies just become unable to fight these conditions
  • We talked about a few simple steps to reduce the toxins in our lives.  Use glass storage jars instead of plastic and keep any plastic water bottles out of the sun for example
  • And then we talked about why we should detox to combat all this … how detox removes toxins, improves organ function and in turn, improves our all round health
  • The four stages of a detox are:

1)    Enhance elimination & organ function

2)    Juice Fast

3)    Rest

4)    Reduce

We talked through each one in detail and I left with scribbles galore of (now barely legible!) notes

  • When we discussed the side effects of a detox, Sarah mentioned the word irritability. No wonder, I thought … no massimo americanos or chilled sav blanc … but in truth, it’s because our liver is where our anger is held so when the detox is impacting our livers, kick starting it for the greater good, all that pent-up anger is released.  Fascinating!

I said to Sarah during the workshop that on learning just how toxic our lifestyles are, that we’re doomed.  Her reply? That there are lots of steps we can take though to reduce the load and that regular detox programmes enable us to kickstart our bodies and reset our processes … and by learning all that we did, we’re left empowered and able to bring control back into our lives. Detoxing is a tool that we all have access to.  You don’t need fancy gadgets or equipment, wads of cash or time. We just need to know how to do it and that’s where Sarah comes in. From reasons and remedies, causes and effects, problems and solutions, before detox and beyond, this was one very well Saturday afternoon spent!

For more info visit:

Sarah is running another workshop this coming Saturday from 11am to 2pm at The Third Eye.  I recommend it!

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