Good times with good wines

Posted on October 16, 2012


On Sunday past, I had a ridiculously unproductive day for no other reason than Saturday started off with lunch with some great friends and ended, close to midnight, with my staggering out of a cab and falling into my apartment, a little worse for wear. A good ten hours of excess vino consumption had taken its toll and left me in a sorry state the morning after the night before.

All self-inflicted I know but athlete or not, we all sometimes succumb to good times with good wines and the result is never pretty. Fitting then that as I nursed my fuzzy head, I came across an article on why alcohol is indeed healthy.  Of course, it does all come down to the quantity consumed, this I know … but still, in true fit chick Tori style, I do like to seek the silver lining in everything and here’s that very lining for the way I felt on Sunday!

1. Get a healthy heart

Beer and wine have natural antioxidants called phenols, which help protect against heart disease. Just stick to a moderate amount though  — sadly, the more we drink does not mean the healthier the heart!

2. Freshen breath before (or during) a date

Thanks to the high alcohol content in vodka (and other alcohols), you can freshen your breath in an instant with a quick little shot – just try to avoid any liquors with high sugar content as they’ll just eat away at all that healthy enamel.

3. Become a genius

Alcohol helps keep our brains sharp. Ethanol helps the neurons in our brain resist wear and tear that can lead to Alzheimer’s and dementia later in life. Fact!

4. Improve your creativity

Alcohol, without doubt, makes our minds more creative – don’t you find it’s during wine-fuelled evenings that you have brilliant lightbulb moments and your best brainstorming sessions? Of course, in excess, it has a detrimental effect but a little inebriation can definitely get the creative juices freely flowing!

5. Look younger for longer

Fact! The special antioxidants in wine, such as phytochemicals and resveratol, can increase energy levels and help combat the signs of aging. This, in addition, of course, to your daily handstand.

6. We’re going to live forever!

A moderate amount of red wine is believed to increase our life span by inducing longevity genes. Admittedly, the studies that report this have only been conducted on mice, but still …

7. Get good cholesterol

Again, red wine is the superhero here. Alcohol … and wine especially … are credited with increasing our good cholesterol (HDL) levels which helps cleanse the body by removing bad cholesterol (LDL)

8. Soothe a sore throat

Gargling some whiskey, combined with a spoonful of warm water, can help ease pain by numbing the throat. And the best remedy for a cold? A good hot toddy! Whiskey, hot water and a dollop of honey. Nothing soothes the heart and soul more.

9. Get well soon

Tonic water contains quinine, an alkaloid that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Gin & tonic anyone?

10. Fight off butterflies

Alcohol is the great uninhibitor, making awkward situations easier, reducing anxiety and boosting our confidence and courage. Again, the flip side is relying on it as a social crutch but, in small doses, a little goes a long way to quash those pre-date butterflies!

So there you go.  As with everything in life, you just need to find the balance but when the see saw tips and you end up worse for wear, don’t berate yourself. Just follow up with a few cups of hydrating H20, a serving of good food, a ton of quality sleep … and to sweat it all out, a hearty dose of training. You’ll be back on form and ready for more, well before the weekend comes along!


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