Gym & tonic anyone?

Posted on November 21, 2012


I woke yesterday with a pounding head and a furry tongue.  The night previous, one glass of vino in Hong Kong’s Soho turned into another and another.  Before I knew it, I was guzzling G&T’s like they were going out of fashion and talking nonsense with some fab friends.

How timely then that yesterday’s Daily Mail ran an article about how alcohol actually boosts athletic performance … amongst chicks anyway.  Needless to say, if printed in such a prestigious broadsheet as the Daily Mail it must be true!

So … without further ado, the facts are these:

  • An experiment, carried out by magazine Runner’s World, tested runners’ endurance the morning after a night on the razz
  • It found that females, on average, ran 22% longer the morning after drinking alcohol
  • Guys however actually did worse in the experiment, recording 21% slower times the day after drinking up to four pints
  • The reason for the differing results between men and women is because women use and metabolise fuel sources differently to guys
  • This is certainly not the first time the idea of alcohol increasing stamina for runners has been touted. In fact, as recently as 1970, many long distance running coaches encouraged their charges to drink the night before a race, because they believed alcohol increased stamina and energy levels
  • In 2000, marathon runner Antonio Pinto, who stormed three London Marathons with a personal best time of 2:06:36, swore that red wine the night before a race ‘aided his performance’. He’s since gone on to buy a vineyard in Portugal

Personally, I have on more than one occasion had a big run the morning after the night before, a couple of races even. And besides the odd tactical stop, the pain of the overhang does seem to detract from the burning legs and screaming lungs so girls, the next time your lover or other gives you a hard time at wine o’clock or passes comment at you organising yet another Ladies Night, just tell him that it’s all in the name of improved performance and that your physical performance places high amongst your priorities.  That’ll shut him up!

Gym & tonic anyone?

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