Rally for Rich

Posted on November 25, 2012


I try as I might to find a silver lining in every situation … try to find meaning or a lesson to learn … but sadly, sometimes tragedies happen devoid of rhyme and reason. And this is one of those times.

You see, on 11th October 2012, the life of a guy called Rich Holland, changed forever … one tragic instant, one regular training session on one ordinary day. Rich was out cycling in Dubai, training for next weekends 70.3 triathlon in Phuket, when he was struck by a car. He suffered multiple life-threatening injuries and today, over one month on, he remains lying in a coma, fighting for his life.

Rich is an inspiration to all those who know him … an awesome athlete and a phenomenal friend to many in Dubai. His 30th birthday is fast approaching, a day he should have been celebrating with his friends and family. Instead, they will be by his bedside, praying for his recovery.

A website has been set up by Rich’s nearest and dearest (backonyourbike.com) to help raise funds to support his medical, rehabilitation and repatriation costs.  It’s a lovely site.

Readers of this blog come from far and wide, sports and adventure lovers from all four corners.  Many of you then, won’t know Rich but regardless, please take the time to visit the site and please don’t let his tragic accident be in vain.

Support in any way you can be that through fundraising or through spreading awareness. Make every effort to cycle, run and train safe. Embrace every moment and take nothing for granted. Do this for Rich, do it for the community, do it for you and do it for me … because it could have very easily been any one of us who now lies there, fighting to get back on the bike. It’s all too easy sometimes to sail through life believing that we’re invincible … that tragic accidents happen to others but not to us … but no one is immune from accidents such as this. Life is so very very fragile.

All thoughts with you Richard.

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