Hope for Holland

Posted on December 19, 2012


M93~Never-Give-Up-Winston-Churchill-PostersLast night the cinema at Dubai’s Ibn Buttuta was packed full with friends of Rich Holland, the guy who I wrote about not long ago in my post Rally for Rich.

It was a fund-raising evening … part of the ongoing Back on your Bike campaign … and thanks to ticket sales, a raffle and an auction, a phenomenal AED 68,000 was raised which will go towards Richard’s rehabilitation costs back with his family in Australia.

The film shown was The Impossible … the movie about the devastating Tsunami that hit Southeast Asia in 2004. It was a harrowing movie, one which left the cinema without a dry eye in sight. I sat throughout, tears rolling down my cheeks, my hand firmly grasping the absolute darling Romy Hunt.

And so on driving home, we had a conversation re whether such a sad film, depicting such a tragic event, was the best choice for such an evening.  Should a more uplifting film have been shown?  One framed with positive spirits and elevating energy?

The conclusion we came to however was no.  It was actually a great choice. Why? Because the biggest takeaway from the film is to never give up hope.

Never stop believing, never stop hoping, never give up. How fitting then. 

Rich is showing remarkable progress and that’s a direct result of he himself, not giving up and his incredible support team, fabulous family, countless friends and the community at large never stopping believing and hoping.

So today, spend just one moment thinking about the power of hope and the importance of never giving up. Then just one more moment dedicated entirely for Rich and his ongoing battle. He has come so very very far but there remains still, a long way to go …


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