What would Charlotte do?

Posted on December 24, 2012

Spider Web 1This post title was a great line from an edge-of-your-seat episode of Spooks the other night …

‘What would Charlotte do?’

I immediately took note to think about it afterwards. The line was a reference to the way a spider operates.  Every web that’s destroyed is simply replaced … the spider starts spinning another, one that is even more beautiful and intricate.

How funny that such a classic childhood film is laced with possibly the greatest lesson of our lives … the lesson to fall down seven times and stand up eight … to never be afraid of failure. It relays perfectly the vicissitudes of life.

This applies as much to business as it does to sport and play.

Much of my work is supporting new companies to launch and flourish … to see a seed firmly planted and then bloom and blossom. Working so closely to passionate business owners, you fast develop an intricate understanding of the fear they feel setting up solo and the courage required to make giant leaps into the unknown.

And in sport, it is often said that if you fail to fail at times, then you’re clearly not pushing yourself enough … not really exploring your personal limits or raising your own bar. I know I’m victim to this. Rarely do I finish a race having truly emptied the tank because an inner cautiousness always rises to the surface and quietly simmers away, ensuring I play it safe.

From this day forward though, I plan to ask myself whenever possible ‘what would Charlotte do’ and I suggest you do too …

who knows where it might lead us!

We have the ability to bounce back from any adversity that comes our way … and as clichéd as it may be, we really do emerge fitter, faster, stronger and more resilient.

Happy Christmas!



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