Start 2 finish

Posted on December 30, 2012

1Over the next couple of days, people far and wide will be plotting and planning & dreaming and scheming for 2013. Just like every other New Year, there will be things you want to achieve, address and change … and just like every other year, the truly relevant question is not ‘what will you start’ but rather …


Ever hear the saying, ‘getting started is the hard part?’

What a load of crap.

Getting started is the easy part and we all do it all the time. It’s easy to change your eating habits every Monday morning or to inflict new booze rules at the start of the month.  It’s easy to create and commence a grand training plan that will promise you a J-Lo bottom and abs of steel. It’s easy to enrol yourself on a course with the great intention of sacrificing date nights for study nights. Easy peasy.

It’s dealing with the pot-holes, detours, road blocks and steep hills along the way that make it hard. Creating lasting change, maintaining momentum and finishing what we started is tough.

So when the fun, excitement and enthusiasm subsides, how do you stay proactive, productive and empowered?

Here’s how …

  • Weigh up the cost – like a cost-benefit analysis, consider your investment and the potential return
  • Start early – get up first thing and get going.  Super productive mornings leave in you a better place mentally, emotionally and practically for the rest of your day
  • Think logically & strategically – be realistic and practical about the time, energy, commitment and sacrifice required to transform a pipe dream into reality
  • Take baby steps – cut your grand goals into little goals with mini milestones along the way and you’ll find the whole process much easier. Reaching targets is empowering and motivating
  • Start with the end in mind – inflict deadlines to help you stay organised, accountable and motivated. This keeps it all very absolute and most people agree that a little urgency and pressure brings out the best in us
  • Commit 100% – commitment means total emotional and psychological buy in … no turning back and no nonsense excuses
  • Improvise & adapt – being adaptable is a prerequisite to anything in life. Never think you ‘can’t do something’ because of the circumstances you’re in. Instead think, ‘what can I do’ within the confines of those circumstances

None of this is rocket science but the truth is, sometimes training for a big race, working towards a promotion, getting another diploma under our belts … sometimes it’s just a bit of a pain in the a** …  exhausting, frustrating, overwhelming, lonely, scary and tiring …

… but at other times, it’s amazing, exciting, euphoric, fun, immensely satisfying and just plain magical.

Much like life really.

What will you finish in 2013?

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