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Posted on January 5, 2013

brazilian-butt-lift-workoutsWant one?

Here’s what you need to do.

Head down to Flywheel Dubai at Downtown’s Burj Views. If you’ve yet to check this place out it is AWESOME. First made famous for its Flywheel classes, it’s about to become more famous thanks to its FlyBarre classes. I went yesterday and I swear I left with a smaller and tighter bottom.

On route to class …

FlyBarre was only launched in Dubai this weekend but it’s phenomenally popular in New York already.  If truth be known, I had asked myself en route to the class, ‘how hard can this be?’ … a sentiment re-iterated when I arrived and spotted the tiny pink handbell weights at each station. How little did I know!

I then met the instructor Kara Liotta, over from NYC just for the launch.  Immediate girl crush. She’s ridiculously sexy with a total love / hate body … i.e. you would love it if it were yours but kinda hate it when it belongs to the girl next to you. No wonder she is THE poster girl plastered all over the place. She’s super approachable and friendly though so we like her (!) … she’s motivational, encouraging and supportive too, taking the time to correct your posture and improve your position throughout.

Mid-way …

My thighs were burning, my heart was pumping, my bottom was screaming, my arms were blazing but my smile, or should I say grimace, remained.

After an energising warm-up, we basically did a whole series of sets to funky tunes that covered every area of the body. It’s essentially a barre class for athletes, an hour-long interval class that sculpts and strengthens, tightens and tones. It’s low impact but you sweat and it hurts. We used the barre itself along with hand weights, medicine balls, stretch bands and mats.

On leaving …

I had worked my a** off (quite literally) but the hour flew by, possibly in part because most of it was spent staring at Kara’s bottom and wishing mine looked same. I left feeling quite exhilarated and asked myself in earnest whether I should consider trading in my 100k ultra running passion for FlyBarre instead. How I can run for hours and hours, at altitude and on hugely mountainous terrain, yet have laughably weak glutes that resemble a plate of not-quite-set jello is beyond me.

I suspect once word gets out, FlyBarre will attract quite a following … not only amongst chicks going to the class … but amongst guys following in their wake in search of the perfect view.

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