Obsession confession

Posted on January 19, 2013

george-bernard-shaw-quotteI have no shame in admitting my obsession with many things … working, writing, running, order, organisation … and I’m sure my family, lovers and others would think of plenty more … some good, others bad and others again very very bad!

So receiving Robin Sharma’s email last week about why obsessions are wonderful and should be embraced was music to my ears.

Read the six obsessions we should all strive to have below … then make them your mission to master.

  • Be obsessed with MASTERY

Ask yourself what you are best at. Doing what things fill you with happiness, a sense of creativity and a feeling of fulfillment? In life, we get the life we’ve settled for. We get the brains we’ve earned so start looking for the areas in your life where you can become a Picasso. Life shifts once you do.

  • Be obsessed with PROGRESS

Strive every day to make it better than yesterday. Similarly, strive to make every year better than the previous. We are built for growth rather than stagnation, for expansion rather than contraction. Good enough is not really good enough! Express your potential and create the life of your dreams.

  • Be obsessed with EXCELLENCE

Leave everything you touch better than you find it. Surround yourself with excellent people, who inspire you and reveal your best you. Use excellent words. Drink excellent coffee. Read excellent books. Wear excellent shoes. Create excellent projects. Think excellent thoughts. You get the picture …

  •  Be obsessed with HAPPINESS

Make yourself happy. That doesn’t mean you wander around in a state of euphoria without a real grip on the world but it does mean that you live a life that matters, with the people who matter, doing the things that are important to you. When life throws you lemons, make lemonade. When you’re sailing in rough seas, remind yourself that calm will follow. The darkest hours come right before dawn etc etc …

  • Be obsessed with CREATIVITY

We’re all designed to create … not just those who are artistic or who work with words or design. We’re all meant to innovate and to use our brains to nurture ideas so when dreams and schemes strike, write and record them. On paper napkins in restaurants, on coasters in bars, on sick bags on planes, on the back of your hand … just capture those ideas wherever they may find you.

  • Be obsessed with CONTRIBUTION

The ultimate purpose of life is to serve, to be of use, to be helpful.  This is distilled in a million ways so whatever it is you do in life, think about how you serve … via your business, via sport, via volunteer work, via sharing your hobbies, via friendship?

Ultimately, no-one grows up wanting to live a life diminished so start dreaming big and make the most of your skills, talents and gifts … and the next time someone accuses you of being obsessed, plant a smug grin on your face and feel like a winner because as Billie Jean King so rightly said:

“No one changes the world who isn’t obsessed.”


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