Conservations with the core

Posted on February 1, 2013

Quote-about-listening-to-your-bodyOK so I know I probably talk too much about how important it is to be self-aware and listen to our bodies … but I tend to talk about this most in the context of running and training rather than life in general.

Truth is, our bodies are smart. Very smart. Very very smart!

On any given day, it knows exactly how many calories it needs. It even knows how much protein, fat and carbohydrates it needs. And vitamins and minerals. Considering our micro and macro nutrient needs can vary drastically from day-to-day, depending on our output and lots of other variables, this is very clever indeed.

If we eat too many or too few calories, our bodies let us know. If our skinny jeans slip on or we find ourselves at the mercy of the dreaded muffin top, we should consider it a clear message.

If our pee runs clear as water, our cells are telling us we’re drinking enough. If it’s the colour of coke, they’re suggesting that we give them a lot more water. Similarly, if we haven’t done a number two for a few days, our stomachs are perhaps telling us to lay low on the processed food and get fabulous with fibre.

If we have back and neck ache, the message could be to sit less, stand more, stay straight and stretch. If we can’t sleep at night then perhaps our bodies are asking us to switch off the box a little earlier and to beware of daily caffeine injections entering double figures. If walking up a flight of stairs makes us breathless, our cardio systems are just telling us to get moving. If we’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed, could our bodies just be giving us a shout out to stop behaving like superwoman, multi-task less and chillax more?

You see, our bodies are so smart that they give us daily feedback via clues like this. Every day they’re in a never-ending conversation with us but too often it’s a one-sided chat. I’m not suggesting you literally talk back to your body … but I am suggesting that you listen to what your body is telling you.

We’re all become so quick to listen to what we hear via the media and magazines, via Google, via the radio, via TV, via Facebook, via Twitter … and in the process, we forget often to listen to the most amazing biofeedback machine ever invented. In fact, it’s these very conversations, the conversations with the core, that may well be the most important ones we ever have.

The body never lies. Fact!

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