Months & minutes

Posted on February 15, 2013

picLast year I went to a talk at the ab fab Emirates Lit Fest by AC Grayling. Grayling is a brilliant philosopher and author of some 30 books. His talk was captivating, thought-provoking and inspiring … particularly when he spoke of life in months.

Turn our lives into a matter of months and you quickly feel aware of how short it really is.  We are alive for only around 1,000 months, 300 of which we’ll be sleeping.

This gave me a sudden and enormous sense of urgency … a movement towards a life worthwhile.

I was reminded of this talk … and indeed the message just this morning when I received a mailer from a brilliant coach that I follow. The message talked of life being a collection of minutes.

Each and every day, we have one thousand, four hundred and forty minutes at our disposal. They are our minutes to be used however we see fit. They can be powerful or inert. Meaningful or meaningless. Memorable or forgettable.

If we live to eighty, our minutes will total around forty-two million. Around fourteen million of those will be spent horizontally but that still leaves twenty-eight million. Many things in life can take just a minute, things that can alter the course of our lives or make a great impact. A life-changing decision, a courageous acceptance, a creative question, a heartfelt apology, a kind offer, a genius idea, a lifelong commitment, a first step, a warm smile, a forgiving gesture or a loving hug.

So my message to me and to you today is to think of life in months or in minutes and to remember to experience everything and anything you can, to never fear the unknown, to choose meaningful over meaningless and memorable over forgettable.

A simple message that we all need reminded of every now and again …

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