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Posted on March 2, 2013


Living in Dubai and got yourself some kids?  

If so, click on the links below for the complete lowdown on the best options to get fit with your kids … from yoga with your toddlers to FlyWheel with your tweens, it’s all covered, right here!  

As published in Aquarius – February 2013

With the UAE’s fast-paced lifestyles, it’s all too easy to get caught up finding time for family, friends, work and play leaving little chance to squeeze in fitness. Thankfully, there is a solution … simply schedule in exercise time with your kids, not around them. As the old saying goes, ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ and what with the regions ongoing struggles with diabetes and obesity, it’s the ideal chance to set a good example by living an active and healthy lifestyle.

This month, we’ve checked out the best options around so you can get in tip-top shape, bond with your kids, connect with other mums and have fun whilst doing so.  Making fitness a family affair has never been easier!


What’s it all about

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art form that combines martial arts techniques, acrobatics, folklore, music and dance. It has a real community focus with kids joining adult classes and adults, kids classes. Classes entail mastering the basic Capoeira techniques to the sound of rhythm, instruments and Portuguese songs.

Why mums love it

They get fit, toned, coordinated and lose weight. They also learn Portuguese and enjoy the social and bonding aspect not only with other mums but with their own kids too.

Why kids love it

They improve their motor skills, co-ordination, balance, fitness levels and confidence whilst enjoying the acrobatic and musical elements thanks to the singing of songs and playing of musical instruments.

What they say …

“Capoeira helped my son James to boost his confidence. His school grades improved thanks to higher levels of concentration and he’s become very good at acrobatics! Now he even thinks of having his own Capoeira team!”

Charlotte Conrad

Mum – take note!

Call: 04 452 6000

Go: Capella, Silverene Tower, Dubai Marina

Visit: www.capella-club.com

Age range: Kids classes from age five and adults classes from age 14

$$$: Drop-in rate per class is AED 100 or AED 480 for children and AED 500 per adult for unlimited classes


What’s it all about

Flywheel is a very cool and totally unique indoor cycling experience. The lights are dimmed, the music is great and you can track your progress during the class and on your online profile so you can race other riders and bring out your competitive spirit! There are specific classes for mums as well as a weekly teen ride, featuring a dedicated play list, designed to encourage bonding between teens and their parents.

Why mums love it

The founders of Flywheel Dubai are all mums, driven by the extensive physical and mental benefits for busy women. It’s a fantastic escape from the pressures of to do lists and everyday responsibilities and provides an amazing workout with fast, effective fitness and weightloss results.

Why kids love it

The competitive format of the class really gets kids going. They love tracking their progress online and seeing their score get higher and higher with each class. The music is great too and it’s a brilliant chance for teens to interact in a healthy and active environment.

What they say …

“Flywheel is a family thing, an activity I can share with my 12 year old. He loves Flywheel Dubai and all four instructors, who he calls the Fantastic4. Flywheel has built his confidence and his fitness. He just loves it”.

Yasmine Salaam

Mum – take note!

Call: 04 423 2544

Go: Burj Views, West Tower, Downtown Dubai

Visit: dubai.flywheelsports.com

Age range: From 12 years onwards (plus at least 4’10 in height and 100lbs weight)

$$$: AED 110 for a single ride, AED 500 for 5 rides or AED 900 for 10 rides


What’s it all about

PURE Fitness is owned by two mums and is a complete fitness solution for all stages of motherhood. The main classes that cater for mums with their kids are BuggEfit and BuggEfit Bootcamp. Both provide a complete body workout combining cardio, strength and functional exercises, using your baby in the buggy for extra resistance. Another class, PURE R.I.P where the focus is on stripping fat and toning up, welcomes young kids by providing a play area at the side with toys and mats so they can be kept entertained whilst mum has a workout.

Why mums love it

PURE Fitness provides mums with a total training solution with a mixture of class styles and intensities. Classes are highly results-driven, often leaving class-goers with a fitter and more balanced body than before even getting pregnant. The social benefits are huge and there exists a strong support network of sharing information and advice.

Why kids love it

These classes give kids the perfect environment to learn to share and interact with others. They are exposed to other kids of all ages, become more comfortable in groups and often end up with a wonderful little group of their own friends to enjoy play dates with.

What they say …

‘I thoroughly enjoy my Pure Fitness classes. I love the fact that my children can come along and my daughter loves taking part. I’ve made some great friends through the class, which certainly made settling into Dubai a lot easier. The class definitely works and I’ve recommended it to lots of friends!’  

Lisa Bruce

Mum – take note!

Call: 050 659 4376

Go: Fitness First Community Clubs at The Lakes & Meadows

Visit: www.purefitnessuae.com

Age range: Every age welcome from birth onwards!

$$$: AED 50 per session


What’s it all about

Toddler Tumble Time is a unique yoga-style class designed specifically for mums and their toddlers. Using a combination of stories, games and yoga poses, each class includes a mixture of fun activities to stimulate toddlers, promote body awareness and assist in developing motor skills. Different sensory toys and equipment are also used to promote balance, co-ordination and skills.

Why mums love it

At this age, kids learn by imitation so Toddler Tumble Time is a brilliant bonding opportunity between mother and child. It’s also a great chance for mums to engage with their kids, stimulate their creativity and promote better breathing and sleeping habits … the latter being particularly welcomed by mums!

Why kids love it

This class gives a whole hour of new things to do and explore which, for any toddler, spells good old-fashioned fun! Kids also improve their strength and posture, body and spatial awareness.

What they say …

“There was no way I was getting out of bringing my child to Toddler Tumble Time today – he’s been nagging to come and loves it. I’ve seen great improvement in his balance, coordination and sleeping patterns. He’s also sleeping better and is more patient with the baby. He’s become much more comfortable to adventure out of his normal comfort-zone.”

Linda Joseph

Mum – take note!

Call: 04 380 9077

Go: Cooper Nursery, Al Safa / Umm Suqeim

Visit: www.coopernursery.com

Age range: Suited for walking toddlers from aged one

$$$: AED 65 per class OR AED 250 for 4 classes


What’s it all about

Due to open in February 2013, Tribe Fit is Dubai’s latest fitness offering with a twist.  Combining a gym with events, classes, a café and a lounge, the emphasis lies firmly on social fitness. Kids Tribe is a chance for mums to workout with their kids at a choice of two classes – kickboxing and dance.

Why mums love it

Kids Tribe gives mums the perfect opportunity to get fit without whilst connecting with other mums and providing their kids with a fun but energetic and confidence-building workout. For young teens in particular, it’s important to develop shared interests and Tribe Fit will be considered ‘cool’ by even the most demanding of kids!

Why kids love it

Kickboxing is a brilliant high-energy class that instills kids with courage, self-discipline, respect and leadership whilst the dance classes are confidence building and great for co-ordination and plain old fun! Kids will love the funky tunes too, devised especially to keep interest and activity levels sky-high.

What they say …

‘Tribe Fit promises to bring oodles of fun to mums and kids and will no doubt become a regular family fix every Friday. Healthy drinks and snacks can be enjoyed afterwards at the juice bar as well as the monthly Family Brunch which we expect will go down a storm!’

Diana Gaskell, Tribe Fit founder & CEO

Mum – take note!

Call: 800 (TRIBE) 87423

Go: Silverene Tower, Dubai Marina

Visit: www.tribefit.com

Age range: All kids up to 16

$$$: Please enquire for detailed membership options




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