Turning points

Posted on March 6, 2013


dreams-and-deliveryAquarius magazine are currently planning a Love your age special and did a shout out on facebook the other day asking for readers to submit their favourite age and why?  What happened during that year that changed their lives?

Timely then that I was fresh off the phone with Jules Lewis, Founder of Mountain High, an awesome company committed to empowering women physical, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

You see, Jules, on turning 40, had a most definite life-changing year! A striking epiphany led her to take a giant leap of faith and start a company doing what she was most passionate about. And now, ten years later, on reaching another decade, Jules is again, plotting and planning, dreaming and scheming re where she wants her compass to be pointing now and how best to make her mark on the world, in this case through continuing to inspire, motivate, educate and instil women from all four corners with strength, determination, self belief and know how.

I though about this afterwards. Turning points in our lives are always the perfect opportunity to take stock.  You don’t even need wait until great change is required to take that first step.  Rather use these turning points as a nice opportunity to start a fresh sheet or restock on where you are vis-a-vis where you want to be.

  • Every morning, brings us a new day
  • Every Sunday, brings us a new week
  • Every first brings us a new month and
  • every first of the first, brings a new year …

you get the picture.

I guess the point is that if we are to continually grow, learn and develop, if we are to face the direction of our hopes and dreams and if we are to take positive and measurable steps towards fulfilling our goals, taking stock and re-aligning our compass regularly is a must.

How can we ever move forwards if we don’t know which way we’re going?  And how can we ever realise how far we’ve come without ever looking back?

So here’s to today. A new day to renew, reinvigorate, recharge and refocus.

And here’s to Mountain High, an incredible company whose values, challenges and coaching make it easy for us to raise our game, find new limits and go beyond our summits.

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