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Posted on April 3, 2013


UntitledIs there any better combination that these three?

I think not, well, not legal in the UAE anyway!

It’s no secret that I, and anyone reading this, loves keeping fit.  Put all the health and wellness benefits aside and it really boils down to looking great and feeling great, taking care of ourselves inside and out, offsetting our vices and keeping our bottoms peach perfect …

And I’m not afraid to assume that all the chicks reading this love fashion too. We’re all complete suckers when it comes to chic outfits, cute Choos, heavenly handbags and beautiful bling.

As for food? Without good food, the world would be a sadder (and hungrier) place. In fact, as I type this, I’m tucking into my last dark choc (anti-oxidant rich and thereby most definitely healthy) dark choc Easter egg … over breakfast.

Bring all three together then … fashion, fitness and food … and what do you have? A sex-in-the-city-style match made in heaven!

So … if you’re in Dubai this coming weekend and have Saturday afternoon free, then you must join a community event to celebrate all three.

It’s been organised by my friend and one of the most inspiring women I know, Yvette from Breath Believe Life. I’ve written plenty before about Yvette. She’s the lady behind the Intensati craze and also the queen behind the scene who gives many a Dubai lady a Pippa Peach thanks to her kick a** Pilates classes.

Yvette will hold a 30 min Pilates and a 30 mins IntenSati class on the day, My Ex Wardrobe and Frontline Fashion will be raising a fashion frenzy and Organics Foods & Café, The Green League and the UAE’s much-loved Essentially will be on hand with healthy treats and delish juices.

So come along … this coming Saturday, 6th April, 3pm to 7pm at The Dek, Media One Hotel, Media City.  I know it’ll be a great afternoon. Fun in the sun before the temps really start to rise and the perfect way to whittle away an afternoon amongst a fab bunch of gals.

For more info, email or visit the Facebook page for more details.


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