Clouds without linings

Posted on April 17, 2013


overcomed fears2When thinking up blog material, I try as I might to think of a positive spin … top takeaways, lessons to learn, messages to marvel over and so on … but when tragedy strikes, I find myself lost for words.  Sometimes, shit just happens, without rhyme or reason, and it’s impossible to find a silver lining …

The recent bombings at the Boston Marathon are one such example.  I spent much of yesterday thinking about this. On the night I heard the news, I’d been out with some magical friends for my birthday dinner in lovely Lyon. We’d ambled slowly back across the river on a beautifully warm spring night, full of fine food and wine, chatting and laughing, laughing and chatting, then a text arrived and suddenly the entire atmosphere changed. Blood pumped a little faster and hearts tightened.  We got home, turned on the TV and watched the frightful news unfold. I woke the next morning to a beautiful text from H1 to say thank god I wasn’t there … whilst tragedy unfolded during a race in Boston, I was running in another race in the Beaujolais.

And I think that’s why it hits most hard. As runners, we share a bond, an unwritten connection of passion for our sport and a mutual understanding of the commitment and dedication required to do what we do. We’re a community … not just of runners but of volunteers and organisers, of partners who support, kids who cheer and medics who care … so when our community is hit by something like this, it’s impossible not to feel rattled and resentful.

These attacks have been planned and executed by complete cowards yet the very act of running requires great courage.  They are an attempt to fill us with fear, to terrify us but there’s no place for fear when it comes to running, so I sincerely hope we continue to run, that races that follow last weekend are not effected and the support and atmosphere not hindered. Running is the ultimate display of extraordinary human endurance and endure we must. Running is also an act of freedom and the best way we can now show our support for what has happened is by continuing to get out there, signing up for races and running free.

We live in a pretty troubled world today which should give our love for running an even more important place in our lives, as a way to bring total uncomplicated happiness via the priceless rewards that come with hard work, sweat and tears.

Finally, it goes without saying that my heart, love and wishes go out to every one involved.


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