Safety in numbers

Posted on April 25, 2013


UntitledI was listening the other day to a first time marathon runner describe their experience of training for and participating in last weekends London Marathon.  She talked about getting on the train towards the race start and being surrounded by hundreds of runners … all seeming like experienced marathoners, all appearing cool and calm, all looking like they knew exactly what they were doing … but that the reality couldn’t have been more different … that once she spoke to others around her, listened to conversations, observed in silence, she realised that they were all in the same boat.  All were full of nerves, excitement, anticipation, wonder, worry, fear, anguish …

It made me think about my own experiences.  Of course, the nerves you feel at that very first race quash those of the races that follow, for the sheer reason that you really don’t know what lies ahead of you but still, whether you’ve done 10 races or 100, the same emotions are stirred, the same feelings conjured up.

And this doesn’t just apply to races either.

Stand on any busy street corner, sit in the corner of any coffee shop or stroll through any mall and look around you. We may all be outwardly different but we’re all inwardly not at all different. Whilst we might have different thoughts and theories, problems and philosophies, we’re all just a marvelous mass of emotional beings who want the same things … to be wanted and needed, valued and connected, confident and courageous, safe and happy.

And we all have periods when we feel brave, scared, confident, insecure, angry, calm, sad, happy, motivated, de-motivated, stagnant, driven, negative, positive, fearful, fearless …

so the next time you find yourself at the start of a race … or in the limelight for any other reason, look around and remember that even those who appear full of grace and courage, are probably in as much inward turmoil as you are … and there’s always safety in numbers …



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