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Posted on May 7, 2013


tumblr_m6rzexpZMW1r002cao1_500This is a story about a lady who loved to write. Robin Sharma sent out an email about her last week and I was reminded of how she’s a true and perfect demonstration of believing in yourself and doing what you love.

All this lady ever wanted to do was write but few believed in her. She ended up as a single mum, collecting food stamps and on the dole. On a train trip back in 1990, her train was delayed and whilst letting her imagination let loose, she thought about a boy who didn’t know what he was. She called him Harry Potter and started to record all his adventures, tapping away day after day, back in her apartment in Edinburgh.

When her first manuscript was ready, she sent if off to a load of publishers.  Twelve rejected it but then success. A small publishing house eventually agreed to publish it. They did point out to her that no-one makes money writing children’s books though!

Yet the book caught fire, touched millions of hearts and had every one from tear away kids to serious grown ups captivated. The adventures of Harry Potter inspired generations to read.

This lady’s name? JK Rowling of course.

She has since sold 400,000,000 books and built a fortune of $US 800,000,000.

All this fame and fortune from a little idea about a young wizard!

Her secret weapon of course is that she didn’t listen to the naysayers.  She ignored her critics and followed her heart. And when you think about it, all visionaries are initially ridiculed before they are revered. All the most successful people first meet rejection and fail many times on their journey.  Remember that old Japanese saying, ‘fall down seven times, stand up eight?’

This is the perfect story to remind you to believe in yourself, to invest in your abilities and to follow your passion.

As a fellow writer, I often think of JK myself. And as it turns out, the aforementioned apartment was on the same street as the first apartment I ever bought, the school she based Hogwarts on was my old school and today, she is my dad’s neighbour. Small small world!

But back to the story … which concludes like this:

Remember always …

that life is short

so be true to yourself

and make your mark

ignore the sceptics

turn away from the critics

shoot for the moon and even if you miss it, you will land among the stars

and every time you doubt the journey you’re on,

think of JK Rowling and just plough, plough on …


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