Flow, form & feeling on fire

Posted on May 14, 2013


yogaThe other night I enjoyed a perfect yoga class … one of those practices when everything just flows.  You feel powerful, strong and invincible. Your balance is beautiful, your core on fire and your monkey mind is sleeping or something because you are totally in the moment and thinking of nothing else but your flow and form. Hearing my wonderful teacher Kasi say ‘Beautiful, Tori, beautiful,’ made me smile so brightly, inside and out.

I thought afterwards though about how for every class like this, there are as many when the entire class is tough, when I feel anything but strong, powerful and invincible … and for this very reason, yoga is a truly wonderful teacher.

It’s a wonderful teacher not just in terms of teaching us to be present and mindful, nor just in terms of learning to focus and concentrate, nor even just in terms of teaching us how to engage our core and perfect our postures … but in other things that are completely transferable to how we live our day-to-day lives …

  • It teaches us that whilst there is always a direct correlation between effort, work and reward, that there are also occasional setbacks. Sometimes, you just need to step sideways or even backwards in order to go forwards
  • It teaches us about the importance of attitude. Show up to class … in yoga as in life, with a bad attitude and any challenges thrown your way are blown out of proportion and you end up cranky and pissed off. But turn up with the attitude that you will try your best and be kind to yourself, and the whole experience is transformed
  • It teaches us about our limitations … about how sometimes, regardless of our attitude, commitment or overall progress, we will always have some limitations.  The trick is to learn to handle these limitations with composure and grace … (note to Tori the next time she feels any diva-esque behaviour on the rise …)
  • It teaches us to focus from within, not to compare ourselves to others. What use is that?  Just try to be the best version of yourself. What counts is what’s going on internally not externally
  • It teaches us that there’s no right or wrong. There are many ways to do specific poses just as there are many different body types. The same is true of opinions and points of view. The more we cling to our own beliefs and expectations, the more we go through life blinkered

Finally, regardless of even the toughest of practices, by the time I get to the end of class, savasana, where the magic happens, I always feel truly amazing.  Worries and strife have dissolved along with any fears and frustrations and I lie back and feel full of grace, gratitude and energy. I guess we should strive for this every day with or without a yoga fix. Never hold on to the day’s challenges when it’s time to go to sleep. ‘All is flux’ after all … a mantra my dear friend Christina taught me, incidentally another yoga teacher … wise bunch these yogis!


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