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Posted on June 7, 2013


keep-calm-and-book-a-massage-4I flopped into bed last night feeling utterly exquisite. Why?  Because moments before, a gorgeous Balinese masseuse called Ani had closed the door behind her after a blissful massage chez moi.

You see, despite being blessed in Dubai with great spas on pretty much every street corner, there is one thing that undoes the wonderful work of a healing masseuse and that is hitting the highway for the ride home afterwards. The chronic driving on Sheikh Zayed Road or the gridlock at rush hour means the gentle touch and silky soft oils fast become a distant memory. Never mind the veritable sweat fest that’s now upon us …

But thankfully, these issues need not be a problem any longer and it’s all thanks to Home Spa. Home Spa is a new company, dedicated to bringing first class massage therapy direct to your door. What’s more, 10% of their proceeds go to Healing Touch, a charity that supports terminally ill patients so you can indulge guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that whilst being unknotted and kneaded, you’re doing your bit!

The duo team behind the scene are Sarah and Guillaume. Sarah’s career commenced in construction but since being in Dubai she’s been an avid spa visitor and treatment lover. They do say, don’t they, that the greatest companies with the biggest heart stem from identifying a need yourself and then filling the gap. As for Guillaume?  No intros necessary. Guillaume is the rockstar behind Ignite and a guy I’ve worked for since the very beginning. I have no end of respect for his complete commitment and passion towards delivering a kick a** service be that shaping Dubai’s booties at bootcamp, getting box fit at box fit or eliminating stress and strife with a decadent massage.

The overall experience was slicker than an oil spill. The site is super sleek and simple to use. The online booking system is uber flexible so you can pick your treatment and then any time slot that suits. Ani arrived bang on time and got set up.  She washed my feet then I got horizontal on the big, comfy massage bed. She even brought an iPod with a massage-perfect playlist all ready. It didn’t take her long to recognise that yes, I am sporty and therefore might be super tight!  I had a mix of sports and relaxation massage as a result.

It seems terribly indulgent having a massage at home (not that we’re strangers to indulgence in Dubai) but really, it makes perfect sense.  We live crazy enough lives as it is, with stressful jobs, hectic schedules and kids to care for, both of the child and of the husband variety (!), so why not enjoy the spa experience in the comfort of your own home?

So, my Home Spa thoughts in a nutshell:

The pros

  • Booking is effortless
  • They come to your home
  • The costs are very reasonable
  • The gals are great
  • The treatments are top-notch

The cons

Mmm … not often Tori finds herself speechless but certainly an indication that this is one company worthy of being on the speed dial list of anyone living in this city.

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