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Posted on June 21, 2013


Chase Your Dreams-002Last night, I was interviewed by the awesome Shane Phillips for his Eye on Careers show.  As always with this sort of thing, the time passed and we covered a fraction of what I anticipated. Still, it was a great discussion amongst three of us … me, an entrepreneur called Samer and Professor Abraham, the amazing expert on the science of happiness.

Before the show, I jotted down some key points and here they are … nothing new but all totally re-enforcing for any readers who want to carve the career of their dreams. It’s never too late to become the person you were meant to be!


  • Post school and university, in Hong Kong and Scotland, I sort of fell into work – with a family full of financial wizards, going into the investment sector just seemed a natural choice
  • I worked for around eight years as an investment accountant and then a marketing analyst
  • I was living a fun life in the centre of a beautiful city but I just never really found a great fit with the corporate world … the formalities and conventional norms of a conservative fund management house weren’t me
  • So the adventures commenced.  We (that is me and H1, aka Aiden, my then husband) hit the skies and travelled the world … explored, hung out in cool places, worked a little, played a lot …
  • After moving to Dubai in 2008, I thought why work long hours in a square office?  Why not carve my career out of my passions? So many of us are brought up to believe that we leave uni, get a job, get promoted, get a mortgage, get a bigger mortgage, get another promotion … but what if that’s not important to you? Important to me is writing, charity, running, learning, being stimulated, growing, constant self-development, travel …
  • So today, I write for companies, I write for me, I write for magazines and I ghost write. I help brands to tell their story and I have the freedom to support the charities I love and run where and when I want
  • I’m SO passionate about the written word and I LOVE working closely with entrepreneurs. They’re so driven …
  • Sometimes I even find myself writing random emails to ROCKSTAR people and businesses that I’ve admired from afar and told them how much I would love to write for them … companies like Coffee Planet, who also make GREAT coffee btw and who I now adore working for
  • It’s so true that if you do what you love, you never work another day in your life because I do spend more time at my computer than ever before but I love everything I do


  • After running my first marathon in 2009, which I won by a stroke of luck, I really wanted to make the time to run and race, to discover trails in different countries, to get lost in majestic mountains and by taking an unconventional route to working, I would have the freedom to travel where and when I wish
  • An endless supply of free kit would help’, I thought so I went about becoming a Nike ambassador followed by a sponsored adidas athlete. Now however, I’m footloose and fancy free
  • I travel and race all over the world and it ROCKS
  • Oh and I started this blog, which grew and grew and grew …


(All funnily enough, things you learn on the trails!)


  • Never stop learning. Never lose your sense of curiosity. I do courses all the time and now with online academies like Coursera, you can learn from leading professors for free! Read books, listen to podcasts and audiobooks, go to workshops … just absorb all you can around you
  • Never stop giving.  I don’t do the whole formal networking thing as it just seems a little contrived. Oh and I’m quite the introvert. But I do always follow up and support anyone who I meet and connect with, anyone with good energy. And every time I think of a great idea for their business or life, I share it with them and help them to implement it.  I don’t ask for anything in return. It’s just about paying it forward
  • Got a challenge on your hands? Just get on with it.  Life hands us cards, some good, some bad.  Deal with a bad hand and know that a better hand will be dealt soon. Challenges are nothing but opportunities for growth
  • Have the confidence and courage to chase your dreams. YOUR dreams! Not your teachers, your peers, your parents … this is your life and how you live it is all down to your choosing
  • Take baby steps to explore potential and see success before making giant leaps
  • Think about how wonderful it would feel if you wake up every single morning feeling excited about life and what the day ahead holds
  • Surround yourself by people who believe in you and let go of the nay sayers …they’re only reflecting their own fears on you
  • Don’t be afraid of failure. From our earliest years we’re taught about passing and failing … winning and losing, ticks and crosses … so so wrong
  • We have the potential to do and be anything we want. This isn’t a dress rehearsal
  • Whenever you feel overwhelmed, just take a step back, press pause and break everything down into small pieces. Fears are so overrated
  • Everything always works out in life. Not the way we sometimes plan but they always work out
  • Mind set is so important … having a can do attitude and being positive
  • Set goals. When we lack goals, we lack a sense of purpose. I am massively into goal setting. My quarterly goals for every area of my life sit printed and laminated on my desk and I revisit them regularly to see where I’m at …
  • BUT having said that I believe you have to stay flexible.  Lots of people miss out on amazing opportunities because they’re so focused on one trail that they miss out on exciting diversions. Sometimes what looks like a u-turn, turns out to be a wonderful enlightening adventure. The most stupid question ever in an interview is ‘where do you want to be in five years?’  If you know the answer to that, particularly when in your 20’s, then you’re likely to miss out on lots of exciting opportunities
  • Learn and be inspired by GREAT people. Have mentors and model yourself on them. Wouter Kingma has long been one of mine. He’s like a guiding light. And listen to podcasts … Anthony Robbins, Dan McMillan, Robin Sharma. They’re great for unlocking your own potential
  • Balance.  SO IMPORTANT. Especially amongst us type A’s who don’t do anything by halves. We just need to stop taking life so seriously sometimes.  We don’t get out of it alive!

Long post. Sorry! I guess it’s easy to get carried away with what you’re passionate about. But you got this far, so if you have an area of your life that you want to change, just go for it. Once the decision is made, make that call or press that button … and then watch and see the magic unfold!


PS. If any companies wish to transform their comms with Tori’s words, please visit my grown-up site at www.victorialeckie.com.

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