My Kamalayan paradise

Posted on September 6, 2013


Yesterday, I arrived in Koh Samui at the simply stunning Kamalaya. It is absolutely sublime and despite several months of wistful daydreaming about what to expect, even my over-active imagination fell short. It all started after an introduction to the place via my friend Andrea Oschetti. Andrea is a fellow runner, writer, North Face adventurer, food columnist and private chef (yes, busy guy!) and had been here himself in the past for some much-deserved R&R. I then met Sally, Kamalaya’s Marketing Director in Dubai. She wow’ed me with chat about holistic healing, food as medicine, self-discovery, health, vitality and complete wellbeing. She talked of how often, visitors from all four corners, end up staying far longer than originally anticipated after fast-discovering just how wonderful the place makes them feel … the sense of calm and peace it invokes, the inward reflection, the physical lightness, the nutritional wellness, the mental clarity … I could go on.

And whilst I had read and heard that Kamalaya isn’t just a spa, another retreat to combat our crazy lives … it took my coming myself to see that it truly is unique!  The very word Kamalaya says it all, kamal meaning lotus and alaya, realm, an ancient symbol for the growth and unfolding of the human spirit.

My arrival came at the perfect time … post a week in Indonesia combining excessive travel, too little sleep, too much food, a race, lots of laughs and little downtime. 24 hours later and I actually feel renewed. My villa oozes understated luxury, as does the entire place. Centered around a Monk’s Cave, the retreat is perched on a hill, overlooking the ocean and wrapped up in tropical vegetation, streams, boulders, rocks and trees.

You choose from a number of wellness programmes … detox, stress and burnout, optimal fitness and so on. I’m doing Yoga Synergy with the intention of deepening my practice with lots of one to one attention. This entails daily intensive private sessions in the most beautiful yoga sala complimented by various Ayurvedic treatments. All programmes commence with a wellness consultation and a Body Bioimpedance Analaysis.

Beyond each programme, there’s a weekly timetable of other activities to dip in as and when you wish. Group yoga, meditation, tai chi, cardio and combat, cooking classes and various wellness workshops. The gym looks fantastic too and the steam and plunge pools, the perfect place to chill out at the end of the day. I just watched the sunset, in fact, in one such very pool!

And finally, I think the ultimate draw of Kamalaya is the absolutely amazing, incredibly delicious food. More to come on that next post …

This place is a true spiritual paradise with loving energy and incredible soul. I know one day into my stay that I shall be back, but next time I won’t be alone … and I know exactly who I shall have with me, to share this sensational experience.

Over & out


My thanks to Kamalaya for what I can safely say already will be a life-enhancing, energy-recharging and endlessly fulfilling trip. And my thanks to both Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways for bringing me here … travel with two true world-class airlines ensures that holidays commence not on arrival but on first setting foot on the plane. I flew Thai Airways from Dubai to Bangkok and BKK Airways from Bangkok to Samui. Both flights were easy, effortless and faultless. Visit / /


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