Food as fuel

Posted on September 8, 2013


This visit to my Kamalayan paradise couldn’t have come at a better time for me from a food as fuel point of view. Over a month into my plant-based journey and I continue to feel inspired and amazed at all that I’m learning and experiencing. I feel wonderful … full of vitality and energy … and for the first time in my life, I’m eager to get in the kitchen myself and actually experiment with taste, flavours and textures. Wonders never cease!

You see, food is taken pretty seriously here at Kamalaya. In fact, despite my extensive global travels for the last 30-something years, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a menu so extraordinarily unique and utterly delicious. It’s ridiculously healthy but somehow, you spend ages pondering over the menu at each meal because everything sounds so more-ish. There’s no such thing as food envy here, simply because even though what your fellow diners are eating looks fabulous, so too does whatever lies on your own plate.

Kamalaya takes a holistic approach to complete wellbeing. It is a place to nurture your body and engage your spirit. An integral feature of this is their astounding cuisine … healing in function, creative, fresh, tropical and organic wherever possible. Food here is considered as medicine and the co-founder, Karina Stewart, is in fact a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. There are extensive vegetarian options with optional ‘protein additions’ for those who want to eat meat although I’ve been sticking with a plant-based diet and every single item chosen has been nothing short of a taste sensation. To compliment the incredible food is a huge menu of juices, smoothies, tonics and teas, with notes alongside about the key benefits of each.

All foods are served as close to their natural state as possible. No processing, no additives, no artificial flavours. Fresh herbs and spices are used abundantly and every dish has been designed and created to be low allergenic, low-inflammatory and low glycemic. No calorie information is provided. There’s no need because eating here is all about a celebration of optimal vitality … enjoying the foods that bring us health and wellness. Any calorie counting would be counter-intuitive to this mindset.

As I get older, and hopefully wiser, I realise more and more, the importance of how we fuel our bodies. Junk in, junk out. Quality in, quality out. This applies as much to those constantly on the move as it does to those not, as much to the young as it does to the old. We have one body and one long, wonderful life so we should set ours up for wellness and longevity as best we can. A pretty key approach to doing this, other than physical activity and sleep, is food. Hippocrates said it all in saying:

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Time for dinner … can’t wait! x

PS. Thank you to Gaye Gerard for allowing me to use her stunning photo of the wheatgrass shots and the orchid. Dare I say it that they even look tasty?!

My thanks to Kamalaya for what I can safely say already will be a life-enhancing, energy-recharging and endlessly fulfilling trip. And my thanks to both Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways for bringing me here … travel with two true world-class airlines ensures that holidays commence not on arrival but on first setting foot on the plane. I flew Thai Airways from Dubai to Bangkok and BKK Airways from Bangkok to Samui. Both flights were easy, effortless and faultless. Visit / /

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