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Posted on September 14, 2013


6470105088Robin Sharma’s emails never fail to make for a fantastic and thought-provoking read. Nor do they ever fail to make me question how his words, thoughts and suggestions apply to my own life … what would Tori’s take have been?

A recent email was about the things he wishes he had learnt years ago … the lessons that might have caused fewer mistakes, streamlined successes or forged an easier journey to making his mark in the world. I personally don’t believe in having regrets per se … they hold precisely zero value … but it’s a fun exercise all the same …

Below, a few from Robin’s list followed by a few of mine. Have a read then think up some of your own. They’ll always come in handy for when you next find yourself advising and inspiring others …

Robin wishes he had learnt that …

  • Imagination is more valuable than logic. You need to “20x” your thinking and then let the “how” follow. Most people try to figure out what’s logically possible and then develop a strategy around that … an approach that can only breed mediocrity versus greatness.
  • It is essential to surround yourself with people performing and living at  higher levels so that their ways of thinking, producing and living influences your mindset and achievement levels. Just having a few conversations with the right people can be the event that triggers a tsunami of excellence.
  • Life can change in a moment so don’t postpone all the important things you really want to do today until some fantasy time off in the future. That time never comes and tomorrow, it might be too late.

Tori wishes she had learnt that …

  • There is absolutely no point in sweating the small stuff. We waste so much time on irrelevant detail and too often, forget the bigger picture. Everything always works out in the end anyway … perhaps not how we envisaged, perhaps not how we first wanted, but absolutely how it is meant to do so.
  • We can make decisions by our head or by our heart, we can over-analyse to the point of exhaustion and we can write all the pros and cons lists in the world … but the best choices come straight from following our gut … our instinct, however crazy they may seem.
  • The only thing that stops us doing anything we want in life is a lack of courage … taking that leap of faith into the unknown. But once that first step is made, there commences an exciting, life-affirming and experience-enhancing adventure, where success is not remotely based on the destination but simply the journey itself.

I write this post a wonderful trip to Indonesia and Thailand, from one adventure to another. I feel invigorated and ready to take great leaps into the unknown. And I know that my own lessons will be coming in handy over the coming months as unmarked maps appear and new ground awaits discovery …

So here’s to the lessons we learn and the opportunities we get to use them!

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