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Posted on September 27, 2013

happiness-projectIn the last couple of weeks, I’ve found myself on several occasions, sharing some of Gretchen Rubin’s ideas from her fabulous book, The Happiness Project. This brought me back to a post I wrote at the time of reading it. I defy anyone who claims that these two takeaways haven’t applied to their own lives at some point.

1) You can be anything but you can’t be everything

You can choose to be a runner but that probably means you’ll never be the girl at yoga class, who doesn’t grimace on hearing the words hips and opener in the same sentence. Likewise, you will never be one of those girls with gorgeous blister-free feet, with all toenails in tact. Similarly, if a cross-fit junkie or a rock climber, you won’t ever have hands free of chipped nails and calluses.

It’s all about compromise I guess … choosing what’s important to you and what makes you happiest. In my case? The answer lies in my feet! Beyond pure aesthetics, we all spread ourselves to thinly at times. I know I try to do everything, most of the time and have to frequently pull back and re-assess. Always ask yourself, ‘is this leading me in the direction of my true goals and life purpose?’ If not, don’t make it a priority.

2) Be Gretchen

The author talks a lot about how hard it can be to just be ourselves. It sounds so simple yet is deceptively difficult. Why?  Because we can control what we do but we can’t control what we LIKE to do. Sometimes we like the idea of being something or someone but if you can’t be true to yourself, then there’s little hope of ever being really happy. And sometimes other people inflict those ideas on us … calculating colleagues, over bearing mothers, controlling fathers, bossy lovers, demanding others … but the MOST IMPORTANT choice you ever make in your whole life is to BE YOU and to turn your back on anything that compromises that.

I’m pretty good at that these days but I still need to remind myself at times to BE TORI (no political statement intended) to keep me going in the direction of my true North.

So there you go. When you find yourself continuing to share the key messages from a book, you know that it clearly had a long-lasting impact. Make a point of bringing them into your life as well and I definitely recommend adding this to your reading list. It was a long-time New York bestseller for very good reason!

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