High on Highover

Posted on September 30, 2013

IMG_3223I’ve just spent a few absolutely glorious days in a corner of the world so effortlessly simple yet stunningly beautiful, that I can’t even type this without hiding an irreversible smile and a feeling of complete and utter contentment. Of course, the company is the greatest reason for this but beyond that, there’s just something so invigorating about truly escaping our everyday routines and immersing ourselves in true, raw and unplanned, unspoilt nature. No phone, no TV, no internet, no bright lights, no city nights… just two people, surrounded by wandering animals, a meandering river, dramatic landscapes, lush green hills, tall swaying trees, exotic wildlife and peace. Total peace.

I’ve always been a little envious of those who really manage to switch off. With my extremely well-balanced work : life split, I spend half my life travelling, holidaying, adventuring… but I genuinely don’t recall the last time I spent a few days without one single thought about demands and deadlines, proposals and pricing.

We walked, we talked, we cooked, we meditated, we ran up big hills, ran back down them, ambled along trails, lay on rocks, listened to birds, crashed out early, slept in late and now, just a few days later, I feel I’ve been away for an age. I feel totally recharged, revitalised and refreshed… ready to tackle my inbox and hit those goals with unrelenting passion and persistence.

And I think, I must remember to do this more often… to remember that the most amazing memories are forged doing the simplest of things and that if we take a step away from our digitally driven days, we find simplicity amongst the chaos, order amongst disorder and clarity amongst confusion.

That’s all today. Back I go to that inbox, irreversible smile 100% intact.


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