Letting go

Posted on October 3, 2013

Life-is-a-balance-of-holding-and-letting-goWhen on the move, I hate missing out on my yoga practice, so as well as my usual dose of daily sun salutations, I love checking out new studios wherever I roam. It definitely adds to the journey when you experience different teachers and styles and it really helps you to connect to a new place when unlocking all that energy with fellow yoga lovers.

At the moment I’m in Durban, South Africa and yesterday I went to a fantastic Hot Yoga class at The Breathing Space in Glenwood. I knew as soon as I stepped inside that I loved the place. Positive vibes, flowing energy, lush wooden floors and just a really cool space. We spent an hour plus, in a hot room, practising our asanas and working with our bodies and mind. The teacher, Haseena, I’d been in touch with previously, and I knew as soon as the class started and she talked of letting go of the past and learning to accept and surrender, that she would be a guiding light.

The art of surrender

I love this concept of learning the art of surrender. During yoga, the art of surrender is really the art of ‘letting go’… it’s a physical release as well as a mental and emotional one. When we shift our focus from one of struggle and frustration to one of just acceptance and of being, we can do our practise with balance, composure and grace.

This is such a great lesson for life full stop and helps us to remove feelings of stress, tension and frustration, which in turn, lead to a great surge in personal growth. Remember this, the next time you feel tension building up, be it in a queue or with a spot of road rage. Just relax and release… just surrender! Life runs so much more smoothly when we give up control, allowing things to happen rather than making them happen. Why waste positive energy trying to predict and prevent when they are beyond our realm of control anyway?

Hips & hearts

Haseena also talked about the importance of hip openers, not just in the physical sense (i.e. of the excruciating pain variety for all fellow runners!) but because it is in our hips, the base of our body, where we hold our emotions. Poses that open our hips help us let go of these emotions, negative ones especially, to process them and release the burden that they carry.

One way or another, all our emotions need an outlet. They will come out somehow, because they are part of who we are. And don’t kid yourself that you can suppress your emotions… all that means is that your body has absorbed them and will later grab your attention by expressing them in symptoms, injuries or disease.

We finished with some spinal twists and a short savasana. Deon was waiting for me outside for some hill repeats. I can’t say every moment of that was pleasurable (!), but I can say that I finished up feeling recharged, revitalised and full of gratitude for stumbling across The Breathing Space. Something tells me yesterday’s class certainly won’t be the last class I attend there …

This morning I came across the following quote. How fitting, I thought, in light of this post…

“Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it.”

Ray Bradbury.



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