That ‘v’ word

Posted on October 14, 2013

v-word1Dear readers

An integral part of my new plant-based journey, beyond the seemingly constant eating of amazingly delicious and highly nutritious foods has been the educational side. There’s just so much to learn and I look back and feel I was living a life totally blinkered to the truth about eating meat.

Did you know, for example, that if everyone on the planet was plant-fuelled, there would be no more famine? There would be enough food for EVERYONE?

This is a BIG statement and difficult to get your head round when sitting at a plush restaurant, tucking into a Wagyu steak.

I have promised myself however, not to become dogmatic. I want to continue my days with an open mind and a respectful attitude and if anyone wants to follow suit and fire questions my way, then I’m more than willing to support them.

If you find yourself just a little intrigued, two films I would definitely recommend are Forks over Knives and Food Matters. Both grip you with their facts and stats and both acted as a thorough affirmation that I’m moving in the dietary direction that I want to.

Forks over Knives is about ditching eating crap for eating for health. Near the start, it talks about occupied Norway during WW2, when livestock was confiscated to feed the German troops and the subsequent changes in Norwegian health both while animal products weren’t available and when they were available again. The facts were astounding. The film then centers much around Dr Campbell and his research studies as reported in his world-acclaimed book, The China Study. It’s all such powerful stuff.

Food Matters, we started watching last night. It talks of how, if we follow a plant-based diet, we radically reduce the risk of cancers, heart disease and diabetes.

Ever heard of someone having heart surgery because they eat too much broccoli?

Sadly, the entire food industry needs a total paradigm shift after years of being led by drug companies and their faulty research. There’s simply no money to be made from healthy people! The awesome David Wolfe made a pretty valid claim of how our priorities today are so screwed up. We favour buying designer handbags, toys, gadgets and renting fabulous apartments over investing our money in top quality fuel and superfoods. I’ve most definitely been guilty here in the past!

This morning after yoga, I found myself chatting about these films and that ‘v’ word was raised. Vegan. I hate it. The word needs an overhaul, a total rebrand. It sill conjures up images of skinny dudes wearing sandals, yoga pants and ponchos made of hemp.

I guess that’s why plant-powered is the ‘mot du jour’.

This I like because the very phrase reminds me daily that I am literally being ‘powered’ by plants and indeed, I feel great, strong, powerful and full of life.

But I guess ultimately, what we call it is of little relevance… the name is nothing but a label, albeit a label that denotes caring for yourself and for others, being full of compassion, caring for our environment, being responsible towards our planet and loving life so much that you actively choose to eat for vitality, wellness and longevity.

But I promise. I’m not going to become dogmatic.

With love

The Plant-powered Princess


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