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Posted on October 19, 2013

picsmeme-time-quote-23After another long exodus from the sandpit, returning to flat desert runs devoid of lush nature, tall trees and bright blooms is always tough. This time particularly so, as it seems I left my head and heart in Durban. So I knew this morning’s training had to be accompanied by a great podcast to keep my legs moving and my heart pumping for a good couple of hours.

And as it turns out, I listened to a fantastic interview with vegan body builder Robert Cheeke. I was aware of Robert already but certainly didn’t know how motivational and powerful his words would be. He spoke a little about the vegan side of things… an area I find myself getting more and more passionate about and he talked a lot about the importance of our attitudes and mindset when it comes to daily discipline, reaching our goals and living our best lives. I now can’t wait to get hold of his book, Think Differently.

He had me totally absorbed when talking about ROI (Return on Investment). You see, we’re all a bit obsessed with the concept of ROI. I know in my working life as a marketeer that clients always harp on about it and equally, when it comes to financial matters, the ROI is the greatest criteria we base our investment decisions on.

But what about the ROI of life? Is that not equally, in fact, far more important, than working out the ROI on where we live, what schools we pick, which jobs we choose or what toys we buy? Why should it only be applied to money and applied contributions?

Robert argues that we should take a far more valuable and meaningful approach to looking at and evaluating our ROI in life. This means doing what you love every day, smiling at strangers, laughing out loud, living life to the full, helping others…

It all comes down to considering how we invest our time. We all have exactly the same amount of hours in a day and we all have choices re how to spend those hours. Sadly, many just don’t know how to manage it in ways that help them to achieve their ambitions. Or they haven’t found the courage to do so.

What is the return on investment of watching crap on TV every night, depriving you from spending that time working toward your real passion… a degree, a fulfilling career, a comfortable income, quality time with your family, lovers or others, sporting goals. Once we can objectively and honestly determine the value of time as a significant part of the equation in the pursuit of happiness, we can learn how to manage it effectively.

Look at the people who are constantly happy, who live for all seven days in the week, rather than just the weekend and who spend the majority of their time doing meaningful things. The return on their investment shoots through the roof and is quite simply priceless. You certainly can’t say the same about a high interest account, a thousand likes on your Facebook page or a new designer handbag.

Money can provide a clear list of ups and downs as well as pros and cons but, numbers don’t inherently cross over into happiness, contentment, compassion, joy and personal fulfilment.

Ask yourself, what is your greatest passion? What makes you happiest? Then create a plan of action to allow you to spend more time doing those things. Start this now. Let your ROI of life determine the way you spend the rest of this weekend. You never want to look back and wish you’d invested in building relationships, learning new things, building your career or raising your physical bar instead of idle chat on Blackberry messenger or watching Desperate Housewives reruns.

What is the ROI of reaching your personal potential? Amazing, that’s what it is! Amazing, life-affirming and so so rewarding.

So thank you Robert. Your very wise words made for a very rewarding run!


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