Motion of the ocean

Posted on November 24, 2013

motion-of-the-oceanI hummed and hawed whether to go to the final day of the Dubai Yoga & Music Festival at Dubai’s Westin hotel yesterday. As so often the case, my current workload is asking that I perform miracles but then I figured that after a few days of flying back to the desert and then being chained to my keyboard, some yoga was a well-placed priority… never mind, after last weekends Skyrun which, after a short sun-drenched run around Dubai’s Marina yesterday morning, seemed such a far-distant memory!

I went to just one session, chosen well I later discovered… Spine Rolling with Roberto Milletti and Francesca Cassia, two yogis from Odaka Yoga in Rome. They were brought over especially for the festival. The class was all about awakening our spines which in turn, enables us to maximise our asanas and remain physically and emotionally balanced. We worked on various spinal twists, opening our pelvis and releasing our hips. We discovered how to engage our bodies from tip to top and discussed how yoga is not about arriving at any destination but rather the journey of discovery we take towards it. He also talked of how we should move our bodies like water, with fluidity and continuity. (This doesn’t come easy for us tight runners!)

Roberto, having grown up by the ocean, spent much of his childhood watching the waves… her rhythms and nuances… and his yoga style now reflects this in that he teaches you to reflect the movement of waves with your own body. It was different, for sure, but also a fascinating new approach and I finished the session feeling much more fluid… loose, relaxed and ready to return to my workload with renewed energy and vigour.

Some later research into Roberto and I discovered that he’s made quite a name for himself around the world. In one interview, when asked what makes a great yoga teacher, he replied by saying, ‘A great yoga teacher should be as a beginner: open, curious and enthusiastic.’ I love this as it’s yet another reminder of how yoga is such a wonderful metaphor for life. Surely we should face everything we do with an open, curious and enthusiastic mind…

Luckily, I approached the session in question with exactly this and I now feel my practice will be all the richer for it. And the next time I’m beach-bound, I shall absorb the motion of the ocean with fresh eyes too. Liquid energy at its best.

Thank you Roberto & Francesca.  Visit:

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