A work of art, straight from the heart

Posted on January 17, 2014

Teacher_AppreciationRegardless of our background or beliefs, creed or culture, I can safely say that every single person reading this post has at least one teacher from their past that remains etched in their memory… one teacher who just brought a subject alive, kept us engaged, opened up our eyes, inspired us to be the best person we could be as we aspired to learn and grow. My earliest was my primary four class teacher at Hong Kong’s German Swiss School. I shall never forget her.

Another, I had a class with this morning, a yoga class. Happy Flow Yoga with teacher Kea at Durban’s bright and breezy Positive Health Studio in Morningside. I’ve been to perhaps a dozen of Kea’s classes over the last month and every one has been different… each is so mindfully created… the theme, the asanas, the words she speaks, the lessons she teaches… the structure of the class even listed on a great white sheet of paper behind her. I have left each one having taken so much… learnt so much more about yoga despite having a (self-confessed) short attention span and being in possession of a monkey mind, most of the time on overdrive.

This led me to wonder what it is that makes a good teacher?

I think it’s a true passion for their subject and an authentic insight into human nature, a wry sense of humour and an ability to communicate, to convey thoughts, ideas and instructions. It is a work of art, straight from the heart.

And from a yoga point of view, perhaps what makes a good teacher is being generous with smiles and never being afraid to share your own limitations, to be present and versatile, warm and charismatic. Kea is all these. Being a newly qualified teacher also, perhaps she is more conscious about teaching the way she would most like to be taught herself?

This morning’s class closed with Kea saying ‘Thank you for giving yourself the gift of yoga.’

My reply… ‘Thank YOU Kea, for so beautifully teaching us the gift of yoga.’

So today, think about the teachers who have made a mark on your life. And be full of gratitude for them. If they still teach you today, do you remember to thank them for being awesome after class? If so, do so at the next….

Over & out.


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