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Posted on March 1, 2014

book-review-the-fat-burn-revolution-by-julia-buckleyJust a few weeks ago, I touched down at ‘home’ in bonnie Scotland, after a trip to Italy. On the face of it, the purpose of the holiday was for time on the piste but in reality, it was a week or so of pure indulgence, one where a calorie-laden buffet was never far from sight and where the first flute was poured around noon and continued on and off until bed time. In the months prior, I’d tackled a somewhat impulsive move from one continent to another, the juggling of excessive work loads and taking some well-deserved time out from my usual type-A style push from one ultra run to another… so I can’t say I arrived back on UK soil, feeling my fittest!

A huge pile of mail awaited me, financial statements and tax stuff, demands and deadlines… blah blah blah… and then one bigger parcel all together. Tearing it open, I found inside a copy of Julia Buckley’s new book, The Fat Burn Revolution.

I won’t lie and say I’m in the midst of the programme already, but I did read it back to back over the days that followed and I can safely say that it’s a GREAT book, beautifully presented with thick glossy pages, loads of crystal-clear diagrams / photos and lots of colour to keep even the ADD’ered amongst us stimulated!

As for the content… because content is king after all… this book has certainly brought home a few truths. The key message is this: if you want to get fighting fit and super slim, you need to ditch endurance-based activities and instead opt for short bursts of activity and pumping iron. Think raising your metabolic rate – both during your workouts and continuing long after that final bead of sweat – via high-intensity cardio and challenging resistance training. Think burpees, press-ups and all sorts of delights with a set of dumbbells. (For those who worry about bulking up, worry not – it just ain’t gonna happen – click here for more about that) 45 minutes, that’s all it takes… how cool is that, given that it normally takes me that just to feel warmed up, when out running!

True enough, having been a fitness junkie, gym bunny and avid trail runner for many years now, I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen, expecting results but not seeing them. Why? Because they think that a long, slow, idle hour or two on the cross-trainer every day will cut it…

Rather, by exercising ‘the Julia way’, the body gets rid of fat fast, thanks to it storing fuel as glycogen in the muscles. Your metabolic rate goes sky-high and stays high up to 48 hours after your session.

The book offers a 12-week programme. I certainly plan to do it at some point. When? I don’t know. Whilst long distance trail running isn’t the answer to my regaining the figure I had when I was on the right side of my 30’s, my running is good for my soul. It is my sport, my passion, my purpose.

But there will come a time when I want to really trim down, to rediscover my once buff abs and feel totally comfortable in a bikini. And when that time comes, it’s this book that I will turn to. I recommend others do same.

I guess it boils down to what your own personal goals are. I think many runners start the sport with the intention of getting fitter, losing weight, optimising their health etc etc, but for many, after weeks or months of battling with tired limbs and screaming lungs, you break past that and feel like you could run forever. Training sessions get longer and longer… such is our tendency to never sit still, to never stop raising the bar.

And eventually our training becomes totally at odds with optimising our health, fitness and ideal weight goals. The explanation is simple really… endurance activities cause the body to store energy as fat so it has reserves to get through the miles ahead. Our bodies are clever little things and prepare however they need to. Think in a similar vein, the way they respond to a fight or flight scenario.

I love the fact that Julia is a former ultra-runner herself. I love the fact that she writes for Runners World. In my eyes, a personal trainer with a true history of athletic achievements to boot, makes for a credible fitness professional. Add to this the fact that Julia’s knowledge has been largely gained from personal experience… much like most brilliant businesses stemming from an entrepreneur seeking a solution to their own problem, so has Julia done same with The Fat Burn Revolution.

Another big plus about this book is the lack of dietary guidance… that is to say, there’s plenty of practical, usable, achievable foodie guidelines to fuel your body to survive and thrive… but none of this calorie counting nonsense. We live in a real world and need real dietary advice as a consequence.

Want to know more?

Visit www.juliabuckley.co.uk.

The Fat Burn Revolution is published by Bloomsbury Sport and is available on Amazon for delivery to all four corners. I can safely say that for most of us, there are few better ways to spend a pinch over twenty bucks.

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