Cut yourself some slack

Posted on April 8, 2014

LOVE-YOURSELF-sI received a mailer last week from Sue Fuller-Good at Jo’burg’s Body Brilliance. It totally resonated… not so much to as I am now but as I once was. So relentlessly hard on myself… expecting A* performances in everything I did, not settling for anything less than total perfection in everything I turned my hand to. I replied to Sue, to say thank you and she in turn, said, ‘please share in a post.’

So here it is… read, reflect and review!

If you wouldn’t treat your children, niece or nephew in a certain way, you shouldn’t be treating you that way. What would life be like if you treated you the best of all? If you only gave yourself the fairest and most caring, appreciative, kind treatment, how would you feel? I realised recently that I always went to bed dead beat, but feeling as if I hadn’t even touched the edge of the tasks I had planned to do in the day. I had to admit to my own inner jury, that I had been unjust in my self-handling. My plan now is to run my self- expectations and labour practices past my human resources training and fine myself for unfair practices.

How many people could also do with some similar internal investigations? I bet most of the people suffering from burn out and low energy, chronic fatigue and auto-immune conditions, could afford to do an inquiry. Maybe by changing our self management may still be able to save our health and restore balance in our lives.
I hope you will give your inner dictator a long overdue holiday and let your inner rebel/wild child have a chance to play with gay abandon every now and again unchecked!

Ten ways to implement this:

1. You can’t stay on the wagon and perfectly disciplined ALL the time.

2. You can’t work full-time and compare your physical shape to someone who is paid to stay in shape (eg a model).

3. You can’t be the best at everything you do. You will excel at what you value most and not at everything.

4. Don’t compare with anyone. No one has your exact journey, challenges or supports, fears or insecurities.

5. Other people’s perfection is often flawed even if it looks perfect and may even be a veneer.

6. Life is a journey, you don’t have to do it all now.

7. Winning and succeeding is not the purpose of life.

8. Much creativity and brilliance comes from relaxation time. Einstein used to spend 4 hours most days in a bubble bath.

9. When life is effortless, we do our very best. It’s never effortless when we push too hard

10. Your body will show signs of an over zealous inner dictator. Just tune in and you will hear the warning bells.

I’ve already copied the ten onto my desktop… a constant reminder to tune in often, not that I have and will ever need any further encouragement to let my so-called inner rebel / wild-child let rip 😉




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