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Doing it @ home

June 7, 2013


I flopped into bed last night feeling utterly exquisite. Why?  Because moments before, a gorgeous Balinese masseuse called Ani had closed the door behind her after a blissful massage chez moi. You see, despite being blessed in Dubai with great spas on pretty much every street corner, there is one thing that undoes the wonderful […]

Unplug & tune in

June 4, 2013


Once upon a time, I’d never consider running without music … or some sort of audio.  In fact, once upon a time, if my various pods, which I seem to have amassed in every possible colour and update, weren’t charged or loaded, I probably wouldn’t have run at all.  Much like my days when I […]

Urban aventures a Lyon

May 30, 2013


I’ve spent this week in Lyon and have enjoyed some absolutely glorious runs taking in the fantastic Parc de la Tete D’or, exploring the quaint cobbled streets of Vieux Lyon, ambling up and down the river, past canal boats and bars, along graceful tree-lined boulevards with their imposing French architecture and al fresco cafes and […]

At the mercy of the mountain gods

May 27, 2013


I often find myself saying to people that things always do work out … just not always the way we expected them too. This past weekend proved this point with perfection. I returned to Europe last week with the intention of running the Maxi Race just yesterday. It’s a pretty epic event that attracts some […]

Confession time & going minimalist

May 23, 2013


I have a problem. Even though I’m quite happy to commit to my Tori-style non-training-progamme with no structure, no heart rate monitoring and little attention to time or distance … and even though I don’t actually do long training runs (even for races up to 100km in distance, I never do a training run longer […]

It’s all about the cupping …

May 20, 2013


Whilst coffee has no direct correlation with fitness or running, health or wellness, it does play a pretty major role in fuelling me every morning and in particular, up mammoth mountains, over super long distances and often at crazy altitude. In fact, before I’ve had a good injection of the black stuff every morning, I’m […]

PB running

May 18, 2013


PB I hear you cry?  Personal Best? No no, today a quick tip re a wonderful analogy I heard on an interview recently. When it comes to your race strategy, think peanut butter.  Consider that we’re each like a jar of peanut butter, which is filled according to our training, health, strength, stamina, courage, endurance […]

Flow, form & feeling on fire

May 14, 2013


The other night I enjoyed a perfect yoga class … one of those practices when everything just flows.  You feel powerful, strong and invincible. Your balance is beautiful, your core on fire and your monkey mind is sleeping or something because you are totally in the moment and thinking of nothing else but your flow […]

1852 – 2013; little has changed …

May 11, 2013


I listened during my run this morning to The School of Greatness, one of my favourite podcasts.  This week’s inspirational character was Ben Nemtin from The Buried List. For anyone not in the know, back in 2006, these four guys, college kids at the time, were feeling a little disillusioned with their place in the […]

This is a story …

May 7, 2013


This is a story about a lady who loved to write. Robin Sharma sent out an email about her last week and I was reminded of how she’s a true and perfect demonstration of believing in yourself and doing what you love. All this lady ever wanted to do was write but few believed in […]

Heaven in Hatta

May 4, 2013


Like a magpie to shiny objects, in each of us, there exist certain events, experiences and people that we’re magnetically drawn to. For me? Amongst many are weekend escapes, mountain landscapes, yoga and meditation, healthy food and winning wellness, ad fab company and inspiring conversation. Combine them and you have heaven.  Heaven in Hatta to […]

Clear & clean

May 1, 2013


Two facts …     1) 1 in 6 people on the planet are living their daily lives with the threat of illness from contaminated water 2) Nearly 3,000 children under five die every day, from diarrhoeal disease caused by unsafe drinking water, inadequate sanitation and poor hygiene … to start the month … So it’s the first […]

Find your inner glow

April 30, 2013


As published in Aquarius – Apr 2013 Having turned yet another year older earlier this month, I find myself increasingly conscious of the odd stray grey hair, loose skin, crows feet and  a body not quite as firm as the one I felt proud to show off just a few years ago! Given that how […]

Why trawl the mall?

April 28, 2013


When it comes to buying gifts for people, I often find myself taking the whole ordeal far too seriously. I want to give gifts with thought, that have meaning or purpose, something that someone might have chosen on their own. This, combined with my oft inability to make snappy decisions has led me to more […]

Safety in numbers

April 25, 2013


I was listening the other day to a first time marathon runner describe their experience of training for and participating in last weekends London Marathon.  She talked about getting on the train towards the race start and being surrounded by hundreds of runners … all seeming like experienced marathoners, all appearing cool and calm, all […]

Seeking balance

April 22, 2013


I recently put digit to keyboard to contribute to a book being written in the UK about ultra running.  The author sent me a list of categories and I was to choose a couple and write my views on them. This I did … it was an enjoyable exercise to say the least as despite […]

Haribo & h2o

April 20, 2013


I recently put digit to keyboard to contribute to a book being written in the UK about ultra running.  The author sent me a list of categories and I was to choose a couple and write my views on them. This I did … it was an enjoyable exercise to say the least, as despite […]

Clouds without linings

April 17, 2013


When thinking up blog material, I try as I might to think of a positive spin … top takeaways, lessons to learn, messages to marvel over and so on … but when tragedy strikes, I find myself lost for words.  Sometimes, shit just happens, without rhyme or reason, and it’s impossible to find a silver lining […]

Priceless friends & pain d’epices

April 15, 2013


Yesterday was the Beaujolais Villages Trail, a pretty brutal run covering 65km along trails, through forests, up mountains, down tracks and via gorgeous little villages in the quaint and gorgeous Beaujolais wine region of France. During the drive back to Lyon late afternoon, I thought about my takeaways from the day.  What had this race […]

The spirit of adventure

April 12, 2013


Last night six of us strolled along the banks of the river in the beautiful heart of Lyon. Six people, five nationalities, all chatting after a truly magical evening.  We’d been to the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  For anyone, not in the know, this is the biggest mountain festival in the world, a platform to […]

Dirty dancing & downward dogs

April 11, 2013


Every morning as I inhale my first injection of caffeine and anticipate what awaits me in my inbox, I fantasise less about deadlines and demands, taxes and timelines, bills and blah blah blah and more about the sort of email I received a few days ago from Suzanne Robson, a gorgeous Dubai-based yogi extraordinaire. Why? […]

With age comes beauty

April 8, 2013


It’s my birthday in a week or so and whilst I’m always pretty low key about birthdays, I do find myself increasingly conscious that time ticks far faster than I’d like and every time I catch sight of myself in the mirror, I find another little line to contend with … Timely then that this […]

NLP in a nutshell

April 5, 2013


I’ve had a few people recently ask me about NLP and I found myself not explaining it very well.  Despite having done an NLP course and the extensive reading and thinking that went alongside, I was failing to give it an adequate explanation. Until now (I hope). I’ve revisited some old material and tried to […]

fashion. fitness. food.

April 3, 2013


Is there any better combination that these three? I think not, well, not legal in the UAE anyway! It’s no secret that I, and anyone reading this, loves keeping fit.  Put all the health and wellness benefits aside and it really boils down to looking great and feeling great, taking care of ourselves inside and […]

Take 5

March 31, 2013


A Robin Sharma email sat patiently in my inbox this morning and in it, the quotes that changed his life. Made me think. I LOVE quotes and have so many long-held favourites. We should all have certain words that we live by, that inspire and motivate us to be all we want to be, that […]

Fitness for 2

March 27, 2013


Written for and published in Aquarius – Mar 2013 Look around when getting your own fitness fix and there’s never a shortage of women in various stages of their pregnancies, looking fit, fabulous and glowing. It’s clear that women today are staying super fit throughout and going into childbirth and motherhood with enviable levels of […]

Water & wisdom

March 19, 2013


Did you know that for a long, long, long time endurance athletes either didn’t drink at all or they drank very little? These are the words of sports medicine guru, Tim Noakes and anyone who runs, knows that this guy is probably the godfather of running. Unfortunately though, his books tend to be SO huge […]

Essentially essential

March 13, 2013


Day 3 signaled the end of my Essentially Revitalisation cleanse. I should have been gearing up with excitement to normal food and naughty treats again but if truth be known, I had to cheat. Just a little. Insatiable hunger is one thing. Americano deprivation another. Combined and subject to an already hot-blooded female, it just […]

Cleansing for virgins

March 10, 2013


We’ve all picked up Grazia a million times and read about some crazy cleanse that promises that you’ll lose half your body weight by next weekends party or return to your pre-pregnancy body weight 3 ½ days after giving birth. You ask yourself, ‘how hard can it be?’ But in reality, the answer is very […]

Chimps, chewing, creativity & contentment

March 9, 2013


I had planned to be in Nepal this weekend, my intention to run a race in Annapurna … but various obstacles got in the way, for the most part, the fast approach of one too many deadlines. As anyone who knows me will testify, nothing comes between me and my mac when it comes to my work! […]

Turning points

March 6, 2013


Aquarius magazine are currently planning a Love your age special and did a shout out on facebook the other day asking for readers to submit their favourite age and why?  What happened during that year that changed their lives? Timely then that I was fresh off the phone with Jules Lewis, Founder of Mountain High, […]

QT with your cuties

March 2, 2013


Living in Dubai and got yourself some kids?   If so, click on the links below for the complete lowdown on the best options to get fit with your kids … from yoga with your toddlers to FlyWheel with your tweens, it’s all covered, right here!   As published in Aquarius – February 2013 With […]