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Body bites

August 10, 2012


I popped into Fitness First post my run yesterday to do an InBody analysis.  It’s been a while and I tend to find the odd little report motivational regardless of the results.  If I’ve gone downhill since the last, I think why and try to rectify … and if improved, I use the results to fuel […]

I’ve been AeroFit-ted …

June 8, 2012


Being the purist that I am in terms of training without schedules, watches, heart rate monitors, gizmos or gadgets, you might think would make me shy away from some scientific performance analysis … but when AeroFit came to town, I read all about it and felt just a little intrigued.  Then when I started seeing […]

Fuel for marathons (running AND retail)

March 6, 2011


First published on LOVESTYLE There might not be huge numbers of LOVESTYLE divas that run marathons but there are no prizes for guessing that all LOVESTYLE divas love marathon shopping sessions so whichever camp you fall into (in my case both!) take note. A healthy balanced diet and a regular exercise routine are vital to […]

How to look fabulous forever …

February 19, 2011


AND / OR how to bag a cute Glaswegian for 8 whole weeks! Six months ago a rugged yet charming Glaswegian called Andrew Picken arrived on our shores. Formerly part of the Kellogg’s team in the UK, a qualified nutritionist and an expert in food law, Andrew now works as the Nutritionist at Dubai Physiotherapy […]