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Pick, plot, plan & prepare

June 11, 2013


I wrote an article for The Sweat Shop recently about the key elements you should consider when picking a trail race. Here it is … for any of you would-be trail runners. I don’t believe there’s a single soul in the world who’s ever looked back after swapping pavement pounding for the tales of the […]

Confession time & going minimalist

May 23, 2013


I have a problem. Even though I’m quite happy to commit to my Tori-style non-training-progamme with no structure, no heart rate monitoring and little attention to time or distance … and even though I don’t actually do long training runs (even for races up to 100km in distance, I never do a training run longer […]

Put some 80/20 into 12/13

December 12, 2012


So the silly season is pretty much upon us now.  The weather is cooler and there’s a festive spirit in the air.  During my morning runs, I catch myself belting out Christmas tunes at the top of my voice. By day, online shopping seems way more enticing than any of this work malarkey and by […]

Meals & miles

December 9, 2012


I picked up a Runners World book the other day called ‘the new runner’ by John Bingham and Jenny Hadfield. It’s a great read full of tips and tricks to enable even the most sceptical of runners to discover that running is indeed one of life’s greatest pleasures. The basic message is simple: that anyone […]

Kudos for cross-training

October 17, 2012


Written for Fitness Link, a new online platform for the UAE fitness industry, soon to be launched – October 12  When you tell people you run long-distance, the first thing they tend to ask is ‘how far?’ The runner replies and then the common response is ‘HOW FAR?!?!?’ The conversation that follows normally revolves around the […]

Plotting & planning

December 3, 2011


This is my final post on RTP but I feel I get asked so much about my training that it’s worthwhile putting my ‘plan’ down on paper.  A week doesn’t go by here in the sandpit, when I don’t get emails from people asking for advice about doing multi-day mountainous events and how best to […]

The rules of the road

August 25, 2011

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The rules of the road and the trends of training are forever changing. Much like the dating game I guess … and whilst some stand the test of time, others just get gently modified along the way … tweaked following research reports, extensive observation or blog posts from such ground-breaking resources as fit chicks & […]

Train in style for your first 10km

November 25, 2010


I’m currently rallying up runners to join me on the Women’s Health & Fitness team for the Dubai 10k / Marathon on January 21st. The level of interest has been great – and for quite a few people, it’ll be their first 10k. No surprise then that the three little words, “How to train” have […]

At what point does that little O word join Training?

November 24, 2010


Have you a tendency to over-train at times? All of us with a passion for running or general training occasionally overdo it; perhaps due to stress if you find it a release, perhaps because you are enjoying a performance-high and your energy levels are seeing no end or perhaps, like me right now, because you […]