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The rainbow diet

August 8, 2013


We’re all so bombarded these days with news and views re what to eat, when and why. Everyone wants a quick fix and common sense is all too often replaced with unsustainable regimes and nonsense fads. So when my mum sent me this cool little infogram on phytonutrients the other day, I absorbed it like […]

Brain matters

April 9, 2012


Every magazine you pick up these days is packed full of words about the latest diet … what to eat when, when to eat what, why to eat what, why to eat when … but so very rarely do these articles feature advice on feeding our minds. Just like our bodies, our minds need fed […]

Organic advantage

October 6, 2011


Published in New You – October 2011 

Make peace with the plateau

February 5, 2011


I don’t know how many times I’ve read stuff on plateau-ing and what to do about it. But … as is often the case with me, until I need to know it, until actually experiencing the problem first-hand, my eyes tend to gaze over the copy without really digesting the words or their meaning. But […]

How healthy is your body image?

November 13, 2010


Published in Aquarius – Nov 10 As women, we all want to look and feel our best. Developing a healthy body image can never be underestimated but it isn’t always easy. Take my Body Image quiz and find out how you truly see yourself. How do you feel about your body in general? a)   Bad […]